Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ben's Talent

About six months ago, I wrote about Ben reading a Spiderman book. I was impressed at the time. He was only three and I thought that was pretty good memorization for a three year old. The Spiderman book is probably about 10 pages.

Now that he is four, he is moving up to bigger and better books. His new favorite is "I Am Batman". It's 30 pages long and he pretty much has the whole book memorized. We've probably read it to him about 30 times.

The kid can't hold a crayon properly to save his life, but his talents obviously lie elsewhere.


Linda said...

He is just the cutest kid :) I love that he is so expressive, can impressively say really big words, and the fact that he has his superhero character in his hand while he's reading.

Even though memorization goes along with it, you might be surprised at how he's picking up words as he goes along.

He's a smartie! ♥

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I love his eye contact with the audience! Sign the kid up for speech club!

pam said...

Very cute! Nice T-shirt, too! :) Can't wait for him to "read" to me this weekend! Yea!!!