Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playhouse and Popsicles

When we lived in Phoenix, I was part of our neighborhood Mom group. One of the Mom's was giving away a playhouse. She had gotten it free from another Mom in the group and she wanted to pass it on. I quickly jumped at the offer knowing the kids would have fun playing in it and they did.

That was two years ago. I think they may be outgrowing it now. Because instead of going inside the house to play, they go on top of the house. (Maybe I should move it away from the very large glass window.)

Emily making a leap.

She's coaxing Ben to jump off too. He was hesitant at first.

But with enough coaching from his big sister, he was ready.

He leaped off the house in true superhero fashion.

I would suggest passing the playhouse on to somebody else. But since we have a little one that will actually play inside the house in the next few years, we'll keep it.

In other Ben and Emily news...
As soon as the temperatures got above freezing, Emily started asking for popsicles. Now, I like popsicles as much as the next kid, but they are messy. Emily seems to be getting better at eating them. Ben, can't eat one without half of it dripping down his arm. Popsicles are strictly a backyard treat.

We went for a bike ride last night and the kids needed a bath when we got home. They took their first bath together in over a month. They were still asking for popsicles and I didn't want to give them one after their bath because I knew they'd end up a mess. So, I did this.

David thought I was crazy and said, "You can't give them a popsicle in the bathtub."

To which I replied, "Why not?"

He didn't have an answer, but let out a puff of air with a little grunt.

Maybe I am crazy.

But, when Ben finished his popsicle, he simply dipped his arm in the water and he was good to go.

Crazy or genius?