Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Bumbo, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I don't know when the Bumbo seat was invented. I don't remember it being around when I had Emily or Ben. Maybe I was too tired and sleep deprived to notice the Bumbo. In any case, I noticed it this time and picked one up from Craigslist before Noah was even born. It is so awesome. I would put this down on my list of must haves for any new parent. Not that I have a list, but if I did...

It's so versatile.

Here's Noah in his Bumbo with Emily watching their Dad do yard work.

Noah learning to change a bicycle tube.

Noah watching me use the neti pot.

Noah not interested in mascara, but very interested in his brother on the counter as Batman, probably a good thing.

Learning to play scrabble.

Watching his sister swing and Batman slide.

Hanging out with his brother and sister watching a movie or just watching them watch a movie. I'm not sure if he's more interested in Emily's barbeque chips or the Spiderman mask.

I did read the recall notice on this item and saw that a few kids fell out of the seat from a high surface and hurt themselves. I don't put Noah on an elevated surface unless I am right there, so no need to worry about the little bean.

And if you think the Bumbo seat outgrows it's life after a few months, think again. If you happen to have a skinny four year old, you can use it for years and years to come.


pam said...

Very cute! Emily is an excellent photographer. Noah is absolutely adorable and Ben just cracks me up! How long has this super hero thing been going on now? Six months? Longer? Doesn't matter, really. He makes me smile. Love you!

Linda said...

This is a wonderful invention for sure!! We didn't have anything like this when Sarah was little - instead she just sat propped up in her little chair/carrier and this is a much better design than that! :)

The photos and story are so cute - made me smile first thing this morning, which is never a bad thing!

Have a great day,

Sarah said...

i know what you mean. i love that thing. my boys are just now getting strong enough for it.