Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not Again...

Guess who puked in his bed last night? Nothing like waking up to wash sheets and clean up the puke trail that he left down the hallway. Oh the joys of parenting. And I imagine I will be puking by tomorrow night because before bed last night, Ben was giving me tons of kisses and telling me that he wants to marry me. Of course, I told him I will leave his father and marry him just name the time and place. Instead of a ring, he probably gave me a stomach virus.

Noah finished his antibiotic yesterday, just in time to catch the stomach virus that is floating around our house. I'm hoping he escapes it.

I'm seriously wondering if we will make it through this winter.


Linda said...

And yet just think, meteorological spring has already begun! Shouldn't those viruses know that and be gone?!

I feel sorry for you all going through this so much!! ♥

pam said...

Stop getting sick - by the time everyone is better I'll be bringing Easter gifts, along with the delayed valentines and birthdays! On the upside - Noah is so cute! Look at those eyelashes! Love you! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I just want to echo Pam's words. I hope my little man Ben is feeling better today. There is a lot of that vomiting and so on going on around here too. Noah's eyelashes are to die for. He is so bright and cheerful looking in that picture. Hope he doesn't catch the bug as well. ☼