Sunday, March 7, 2010

At Our House...

Ben is feeling better. Well enough to do the Batman crawl down the rollercoaster. His tummy has been on and off the past few days, but no more throwing up. He still isn't eating normal and had 5 bowls of dry Honey Nut Cheerios yesterday and that's it.

Guess who caught Ben's stomach flu? That's my husband under the blanket and hiding his face in a pillow. He had his face in the toilet bowl Saturday morning, but he is feeling better today. Emily had never seen or heard him throw up, and he was loud. Emily came running out with tears in her eyes. I thought she felt bad for him. But, she told me she thought he was turning into a monster.

I'm thinking they both got the flu. Emily and I didn't get it (so far) and we are the two that got the seasonal flu shot. Ben didn't get it because he was too young at Walmart and his Dr. was out, blah, blah. David didn't want to get it. I'm glad Em and I got the shot.

This is what it looks like outside today. Yes, that is SNOW!

Noah is sweet and he seems to like the snow and cold. He's part polar bear, like his Dad and sister.

We are supposed to get more snow throughout the night. Check out this blog post last year at this time. We were planting the pods for our garden. It was sunny and warm. Ah, sunny and warm, one of these days....


Linda said...

Hope David is well soon!

Not more snow!! Here the weather has finally turned off exactly how it should be for this time of year - 50's and sunny for the past few days. Yesterday was really a gorgeous day - I posted pictures on my fb of my sister's visit and you can see we only needed light jackets outside. Today, it rained and it's supposed to rain most of the week off and on, but temps in the 50's and flowers are beginning to sprout. Surely spring must be around the corner for you too!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I hope that David ushered out the last of the flu bugs and all that kind of stuff! If you hadn't mentioned that David with his green St Paddy'd day T shirt was huddled under the blanket, I would have just thought it was one of Ben's random pics.( Maybe he doesn't do that anymore)Noah gets more and more handsome everytime you post a new pic of him. I can hardly wait to see the little Man next week. Yes, it is coming up quickly. I hope you're ready for the influx of east coast family.
Hope you all have a great week.☼