Friday, March 5, 2010

Braids, Past and Present

I was about 9 when I realized how cool french braids were. My Mom had no clue how to french braid hair. I didn't either. It isn't like I could google it or watch a you tube demonstration. I got my hair cut every 6 months and I'd always ask my hair stylist, Michelle, to french braid my hair when she was done cutting it. I'd sleep only on my sides that night as to not disturb my precious french braid. In the morning, I'd add some Aqua Net to keep all the stragglers in place and off I'd go, feeling like the coolest girl in the fourth grade.

Eventually, I watched Michelle enough that I got the hang of it. I'd practice on my own hair until my arms would fall asleep. By high school, I had it down. All of us cheerleaders would plan certain games to wear our hair in a french braid. I'd always do mine and get there early to do a few other girls who didn't know how to french braid yet. Here we are before a basketball game. Everyone sporting a coordinating french bread. Only this time, the Aqua Net was used to stand our bangs up at least 3 inches. I'm there in the center with the blue button earrings. No gold or silver, they had to be red, white or blue.

Then, I had a daughter and I had visions of fixing her hair. Then, she had no hair. It was short and curly and this is her when she was almost 4! There was no braiding this hair.

So I waited, patiently, which is not my thing. And finally, it grew! But now my daughter hated having her hair done. She was not used to sitting there for 10 minutes while I put in pig tails or braided her hair. I wasn't okay with it, but what was I to do. Her hair was always a bit wild and by the end of the school day, it usually looked like she stuck a finger in a wall socket. Then I found this web page and I knew I had to do something.

She resisted at first, but she has seen that Mom is right and her hair looks adorable if she gives me 5 stinkin' minutes and sits still!

She just discovered this view of herself in the mirror a few weeks ago. She exclaimed, "Ah, there's like 179 Emily's."

She isn't 100% converted, but she is coming around. She knows it looks nice and I'm thrilled that she doesn't look like Einstein by the end of the day.


Sarah said...

oh, the memories that cheerleader photo brings back. love love it. and those blue earrings are cool. i'd wear them now.

emily is just darling. and her hair really is getting long.

Linda said...

Oh goodie, old pictures!! ;) You know how I love those. You look adorable - just the same minus the Aqua Net, though as Jim would tell you, I'm still a hairspray girl otherwise my hair blows everywhere and doesn't stay in style. It's thicker than it was when I was a little girl, but my hair was thin then - like the picture of your daughter's hair before it grew. I believe they call it baby hair, and that's what my sisters and I all had. So no - no real braids. There is one picture that I'm wearing pig tails and that's about it. Normally I kept it short.

You're fortunate that Emily lets you do her hair (it looks adorable) as when Sarah was that age, we were dealing with severe plaque scalp dermatitis which was very painful for her and she has never really let me fix her hair, not even when she was a little girl. Did I mention, she's also more stubborn than me even?

Thankfully, she's older now and of course does everything herself and looks cute.

Anyway... I've gotten off track as usual. I really liked this one - cute pictures and topic.