Thursday, March 18, 2010

Expanding On The Phase

When I came home from the hospital with Noah in August, I wanted to bring Emily and Ben a gift. For what, I'm not sure. I was hardly bringing them a souvenir from some tropical location. I certainly didn't want them to feel like it was a bribe for having their mother gone for 18 days. Maybe I just wanted them to know I was thinking about them, to reassure them that they are still in the spotlight even if their baby brother stole it (and their Mom) for over 2 weeks. Who are we kidding? Honestly, I just wanted them to be super excited to see me.

In any case, I brought them both pajamas and some other stuff. I made a special trip to Target to get Ben Superman pajamas with a cape. He was just starting to think Superheros were cool and I knew he'd like the pajamas. It has started an obsession going on 7 months.

We bought a bad guy that was on clearance at Walmart for Ben's birthday. He needed a villain to defeat. In the box was a thin comic book. He didn't seem to notice it at first, but last week he found it and he can't get enough.

Now I used to read the funnies every Sunday, but superhero comic books are new to me. And I just don't get them. There are bubbles everywhere. I found myself reading one portion and then stopping because I missed a bubble. Are they supposed to be difficult or are they written in a special man code?

Lucky for me, David was more than happy to rescue me and read Ben his comic book.

We picked up a few more at the library this week and I tell Ben that this is his special time with Daddy and they can read them together. Which is a good thing because all those bubbles gave me a headache.