Sunday, March 14, 2010

At Our House...

It really warmed up this weekend, like 57 and windy. But, we'll take it. We've been outdoors doing yard stuff and going for bike rides.

We got Noah a walker because he uses one during preschool and looks so proud when he can move. He seems to enjoy it. Even if he can only go backwards.

Emily wanted to feed him. I certainly wasn't going to discourage her.

Emily's friend can ride a bike without training wheels, so Emily felt that she had to try it too. We were putting off trying it because it's a pain to take off the training wheels and if it doesn't go well, have to put them right back on. Luckily, her friends Mom gave us one of their bikes that they weren't using anymore. So, we have one with training wheels and one without. She was super excited about trying to ride a two wheeler as she calls it.

She did well for her first time trying. She couldn't get her balance right. She didn't fall, but only because David was there to catch her. She was back inside after 20 minutes sucking her thumb looking half her age. I love that she wants to be grown up, but then still sucks her thumb and wants her Porky. She's a girly girl and wants her nails painted, but look at all those bruises on her legs.

Anyone have tips on how to teach a kid to ride a bike?


Linda said...

Glad you had a great day!

Sarah was around 7 before she learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Around the same time that she took her first swimming lessons and learned how to swim. Some kids are just later with certain things (and earlier with other things). For instance, she spoke in full, lengthy sentences at age 1 and read books well before kindergarten, so that goes to show how kids excel at different things at different ages.

So, when she was finally ready to go without the training wheels... it didn't go so well at first, even at age 7. She fell A LOT. She got really mad and said "stupid bike!" and gave up. But she kept trying. We ran alongside the bike, and I don't remember now how long it took, but not too long once she kept at it. I don't have any real suggestions, other than just to have patience and it happens, almost magically. :)

Hope the warm days continue for you now.

Amy said...

we taught Amanda on the grass, but she didn't really get confidence until last summer when we took off the training wheels and through them away. She learned that if she was going to ride at all with Alex, it had to be on the 2 wheeler. And boy, it's alot easier to get the bike in the car without training wheels!

Sarah said...

riding a a two-wheel scooter helps kids with balance. it helped a few of mine. not all though. i think linda's right. when they're ready, they'll get it.