Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day In The Sun

We went to the zoo today with our friends. It was a warm sunny day with little wind. It was perfect.

Emily was happy and having fun. Even if she did ask me 1,000 times when she could go in the snake house. Luckily, my friend takes the kids in and I wait outside. I blame it on the stroller, but we all know the truth. I am not getting in a confinded space with 20 snakes. No thanks.

Then Ben saw the free roaming peacocks and freaked out. He seriously screamed like I would say a little girl, but Emily wasn't even screaming. So, he screamed like a baby. Then, he fell (over his own feet) and skinned his knee. He decided he would pout because I couldn't and wouldn't carry him around the zoo.

Luckily, I convinced him that Superman wouldn't pout and he snapped out of his funk. If that doesn't work, I remind him that Batman would never be mean to his mom because he doesn't have one and then he suddenly seems grateful that he does. How many years of therapy is that comment going to cause him?

Noah was the star child today. He slept in his car seat attached to the stroller the entire time. He woke up for about 30 seconds.

Then, it was back to dreamland for him. He is a great baby when he doesn't have double ear infections.

We left the zoo 2 hours later, tired, hot and sweaty. And I knew what I had to do when we got home. Make some tea. In the winter, I drink a cup of coffee in the afternoons. In the summer, I make tea in this handy Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker and David and I drink almost a pot a day.

I'm sipping my first glass of the season.

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Holly and Bo said...

Oh I wish I could have spent a day in the sun today instead of inside this stinkin' office building! I love the picture of Noah as he just woke up...I think it's a universal look they give like "what's going on and where am I?"