Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Turn

Due to Spring Break next week, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day today in preschool. We made leprechaun milkshakes and ate lucky charms. It was all magically delicious.

Then I came home and threw up my milkshake and lucky charms. It was not magically delicious. I was hoping that because I got the seasonal and swine flu shots that I would escape the flu that Ben and David got. We obviously got something not in the shot. Figures.

My husband came home early from work and picked up the kids from school. He knows all too well how I feel and he knew I couldn't handle two kids and a baby while my head is in the toilet. I love him.

Then, I read my Aunt Linda's blog about it being 70 degrees in Illinois. I was jealous.

Then, out of no where, David went to let Rocko out and this is what he saw.

An hour later...

The forecast wasn't even calling for snow, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Yet, I am. This is Arizona after all.
It's my turn to feel better.
And, my turn to feel some sunshine.

Maybe tomorrow...


Linda said...

Sorry!! :( I surely hope the sun and good health is coming your way pronto! ☼

Even here in Illinois, we know that it can easily be 70 one day and a blizzard the next. It's happened many times here in March, so next week, I could be writing about snow. But just have to enjoy these days while I can. Hopefully if a snowstorm does arrive here late March, we will be in Florida then. One can only hope. ;)

Feel better, take care, rest ♥

pam said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Get plenty of rest. Sounds like you could use some vitamin D - the sun would help with that. Don't worry the sun will come out - eventually. And then you'll be singing "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!!" Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe, I'd better bring the snowpants after all.☺
Gina, hope you're feeling better today.(that's tomorrow in your time) ☼

Linda said...

I was just wondering, are you really far from Phoenix? My friend's blog shows that she is planting outdoor flowers right now:

I guess the weather is as varied in Arizona as it is in Illinois!!

Hope you're feeling better today!


Servant of the Most High said...

Thats a wonderful blog....

With GOD our each day will be joyful and cheerful... no matter whatever circumstances we could be going through.

This blog will be surely a blessing for you..

Have a blessed reading.

God bless you.