Monday, March 8, 2010

He Has Balls?

Well, Max is definitely not our Max. Unless over the course of 3 weeks, he grew back his balls.

The markings were spot on and with an abscess in both cheeks it was hard to tell on the shape of his face. David and I kept saying "That's Max, right?" He had freckles on his gums. He was a big cat. He had circle stripes around his tail. Then, I finally heard him meow at the vet and I knew right away that wasn't his voice. Then, the vet found balls. He was not microchipped.

I didn't even think to ask the people who called about him because in my ad it said neutered male, I guess I thought they checked. I guess if every person can have a twin, so can every cat.

So, what do we do now?

David and I had already given up on Max. We talked about it and decide we would not get another cat or any pet for awhile. We have Rocko. That's good. The vet is telling me that we need to neuter him and he needs antibiotics. He'll give us half price on the neuter and then there is the round of regular shots since we don't know what shots he's had. I still can't even wrap my head around what he is saying. The only thing going though my head is this is not Max, Max is still missing.

I called David and we were both torn. We were going to pay the $50 for the office visit regardless and a dose of penicillin that they gave "Max" immediately. The rest of his stuff was going to be another $70. I agreed to get him neutered which they were going to be able to do today. We decided to keep him.

Then, the more I thought about it, the more I was talking myself out of keeping him. I realized on the paperwork that the $120 amount did not include regular shots, so I called about that. Distemper, rabies, feline leukemia vaccines run another $130. $250 and this isn't our cat. Plus...
Will this cat be good with kids and babies?
Good with dogs?
Not claw our furniture?
Will he bolt the second we let him out if he insists on going out?
That would be like flushing $250 down the drain.
What if Max does show up and the two cats don't like each other?
What if I find an ad on craigslist for a missing orange tabby lost by the McDonalds in a few weeks, after we've spent the money and gotten attached.
Can my kids (and us) handle losing a third pet in two months?

In the end, we felt it was too much money on a cat we know nothing about.

David is picking him up from the vet and bringing him to the Humane Society after work. While he's there, he should check for our Max...just in case.


Linda said...

OH my! I really wondered when I saw your pictures but was holding out hope that this was indeed Max. I think you're doing the right thing. I hope Max turns up!!♥

amyraye said...

seriously crazy. what a strange turn of events. i think you're doing the right thing, too.

pam said...

Sorry friend! I hope your Max shows up. What a rough 24 hours! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh My~ I was waiting to read the rest of the story... and now I know. I suspect Mr Max will show up one day , but I know what has been happening with your animals lately and I wouldn't want you to spend all that $$$ and he up and runs off the first time he sees an open door. Wouldn't it be weird if Max is at the Humane Dept.?
So sorry he wasn't Max.☼