Tuesday, March 16, 2010

18 Minutes

Last summer, if David had to leave for work in the morning and Ben was awake (Emily always sleeps in), he would turn on a tv show for him and tell him to wake me up when it was done, trying to give me an extra 30 minutes of sleep. I was pregnant at the time and up all hours of the night because I was uncomfortable. That 30 minutes made a world of difference. Ben is a great child and would do exactly as he was told. Watch his show and then wake me up. He wouldn't play with knives, go outside or start the house on fire. I lucked out in the kid department.

I woke up this morning at 7:43. David leaves for work at 7:40. The house was quiet. I figured Ben was watching a show and would wake me up at 8:10 when it was over. I saw the monitor on and thought the baby is still sleeping? No way. I had to get up. The TV wasn't on. The bedroom doors were shut, all 3 of them. Everyone was still sleeping. I couldn't believe it. I dreamed about days like this. Of course in my dream, I hadn't woken up at 3:45 to give Noah a bottle, but at this point, I take what I can get.

I got myself a cup of coffee and sat and enjoyed the silence. I love the stillness of my house. Except usually the only time I get to enjoy it is after a 2 AM feeding. No TV. No computer. I just sat in the recliner and enjoyed the quiet. Then, I got bored in 2 minutes and got on the computer. Uninterrupted, I checked e-mail, played scrabble and read a few blogs.

8:01...I hear Ben's little feet come down the hallway.

It was only 18 minutes of silence, but I cherished each and every one of them.


amyraye said...

that early morning silence is BLISS.

Linda said...

I'm glad you had a few minutes of silence!

There comes a time, all too soon, where there's tons of it. I think about that some evenings, when I'm sitting alone on the couch, doing my thing on the laptop. But then the loud music begins from Sarah's room and I smile, basking in the noise, because I know all too soon - in just a few years now, our house will be silent most of the time. ♥