Monday, April 4, 2011

Around Our House

I haven't posted in a week. Our main computer has been broken and I found I was just out of the computer groove, even though we have a laptop and an older computer. Well it's not a commodore 64 or anything, but it's about 6 years old and a little too slow for me. In any case, our main computer is up and running with half it's RAM and more on the way from Amazon. I'm back on track now.

We had a work party for David's employees on Friday night. These are all really nice folks and it was fun to have them at our home. There were about 30 people and we had a great time. Everyone brought something to eat, so it was super easy for us. And someone even organized games, like this get the penne rigate on the spaghetti without using your hands.

It was a perfect night with little wind and warm temperatures. Everyone naturally flocked outside. There was very little mess inside and that made the party even more of a success.
I had put away our indoor roller coaster when Noah was learning to crawl. He keep crawling right off it and onto the floor. Now that he's older, I thought he could figure it out. With the help of his brother and sister, he has.

Spring road construction means our cars are a mess. David washed them this weekend. The kids "helped". Which basically means, they got their sponges wet and then played in the gutter.

I remember I used to charge my parents 50 cents to wash their cars. My kids haven't figured that part out yet. They also haven't figured out how to actually wash the car and not play in the water.

They were having fun while David was spraying them, until he got them soaked.

Ben didn't care, but Emily started crying. Fun over.
Noah looks sweet and innocent. Right?

But this kid is a total complainer. Today, he went into full meltdown mode when I tried to transfer him sleeping from the car to the crib. He kicked and screamed. I wasn't giving in. A 15 minute cat nap in the car is not enough...for him or for me. He yelled and he yelled until he started coughing. I went in to check on him. He made himself vomit. His gag reflex is impressive. As soon as I picked him up, he was out like a light on my shoulder. I didn't see any puke on him, just on the sheets, so I let him sleep on me. And he did just that...for 3 hours!

When you try not to blink for the camera timer, you look like a deer in headlights. Just an FYI. And you know what, he did have vomit somewhere on him. I got a good whiff every few minutes. It made for a very long 3 hours and the scent permeated onto my clothes.
When David cleaned my car inside and out, he found enough goldfish crackers to feed a small country. I tried to pass it off as my survival kit. If we are ever stranded in our van, we can eat well for at least a week. He didn't buy it. In an effort to keep my car clean, we switched to carmel rice cakes.

I guess we could always NOT eat in the car, but Mama's gotta do what Mama's gotta do and if the kids are quiet and happy, Mama is quiet and happy. Well, I'm never really quiet. But, it's a win/win.
Ben's patching is going well. He's fine with it for the most part. Today when I picked him up from preschool, I told him if we put the patch on now he'll get 20 minutes out of the way driving home in the car. I said, "it'll kill two birds with one stone." To which Ben gasped and said, "I didn't kill any birds! Why would I want to kill two birds?" He was totally serious. He makes me laugh.
I bought the kids new sidewalk chalk today for $1. They were so excited. It was like I just bought them a pony. Emily's new thing is writing her name and making a fancy Y, which she claims is a cursive Y. But, I can't remember what a cursive Y looks like.

Even Noah enjoyed the chalk.

And Mama enjoyed 15 minutes all to myself. Best dollar I ever spent.
Leaving the best for last...
Our friend was over working on our computer and David and him were talking. I was sitting there as an observer not having a clue what they were talking about. Bytes, processors, blue screen of death, it rattles around in my brain. So, I went into my own thoughts. And what I thought is, my husband is hot. If he wasn't my husband and I was staring at him across the room, I'd wish he were my husband.

I'm a very lucky girl.
I wonder if he'll feel the same when he comes home from work and wonders why I smell like vomit.


Linda said...

You're so cute and funny - I love reading your blogs. I've been out of the swing of things lately too since we were away, but I'm trying to get caught up on my blog reading. Glad things are working out well for Ben and the patching!! :) And, it's nice that you hosted a party for David's workers. If we did that, no one would come, because they all live over 160 miles away, lol.

katie said...

Mmmm, did it bring back memories of my graduation?

Anonymous said...

FYI Emily was making a cursive y pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this! I just made all my wise and "witty" comments about your blog, went to preview and lo and behold,it opened up on some BLOGGER main page and when I clicked back all my comments were gone. Bah!
Anyway as I was saying Ben is as always his own truthfully innocent self, with his comments, Emily is gorgeous as always and Noah well Noah is just Noah. A man of few words but plenty of discontent. I was also mentioning that you must be feeling kinda loved that Noah wants to spend his time snoozing with mama. A clean car, new snacks and new memory card on its' way to you all go towards making Gina a "Happy Camper". If I lose this, this time I am not rewritting. Every time it gets more and more abbreviated and boring in so far as comments go. '
Hope you are having a Great week.☼