Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off To Orlando

We are leaving for vacation today. Actually, I have this post set to publish sometime while we are in the air. I had to write about a few last minute things before our trip consumes us and the thoughts are forgotten.
Part of Noah's new morning routine (after the rub down with lotion from a jar) is a manicure. I file his nails because I figure he can't scratch much if there isn't a nail to scratch with. He got ahold of the nail file the other day and started trying to file his own nails.

My kids just adore my mother. She doesn't come up to visit from Phoenix often, so when she does it's all about Granny. She takes them outside and plays with them non-stop. And the best part is that Noah doesn't complain because he is constantly entertained by her. If he starts to fuss, she sings to him and he's instantly quiet. I wish she lived closer for many reasons, but the fact that she can get Noah to be quiet is at the top of the list.

A few people have mentioned or asked about us pulling the kids out of school for a week. Not that I have to clarify to anybody, but I want to. This blog is for my kids one day and I want them to know why we would pull them out of school for a vacation when there is plenty of time off from school during the summer.

David's parents live in Orlando. Emily went to Orlando once with David after his Dad had open heart surgery. The boys have never been. Traveling to Orlando during the summer is not an option. It's simply too hot. It would be like taking a vacation to Phoenix in July. Not fun. Fall break is hurricane season. So, that leaves us with only Spring Break. For us, that was in March.

We originally tried to go to Orlando last month, but nothing was working out for us. My Mom who watches our dog was going to be on vacation in California with her girlfriends from high school. Go Mom! David had a work conference he couldn't miss. The price of flights was horrible. The best "deals" required us to be on late night flights with lay overs. With three small kids, I'd rather walk to Orlando. Spring Break was out.

We looked into this upcoming week. The kids have Thursday and Friday off from school for teacher training. They would only be missing three days and the stars aligned perfectly. My Mom was available. David easily got the time off work. And the airfare was $1200 total for the 5 of us on a nonstop flight with great times.

I remember going to California when I was Emily's age for a family vacation. We rented a beach house and went to Sea World. I remember playing on the beach all day with my sister who is 5 years older than me and rarely played with me.

I remember my Dad bringing me a vanilla coke for the first time, a Coke with real vanilla syrup added. After a day at the beach, I thought it was the best thing I had ever tasted. I remember taking a boat ride and wondering if sharks would eat me. As to what I missed in school that week, I simply couldn't tell you. Actually, it was during the summer so there wasn't school but you get the idea.

So our justification for taking the kids out of school is simple. They will never remember what they did or didn't do this week in school. But I think they will remember this trip with their family, the time spent with their Grandparents and the fun times we had together.

We are so looking forward to a week of fun in the sunshine state and the many memories we will make.


Linda said...

I hope you had a safe flight! Bad weather in the south tonight. We rarely ever fly because it only cost us something like $350 for as many people as we can fit in a van to travel to Florida and to our recent Spring Break trip. 12 + hours of driving - true - but cheap is what we're about and plus I absolutely am petrified of flying anywhere, so driving is a must.

It's good the kids' schedule worked out well for the travel. :) It gets harder to miss school in the older grades - in fact, it's virtually unheard of for Sarah because if she misses just one day of high school, it takes her weeks to catch up. So, it's good you do it now while you can. ♥

We don't have any Easter break time. They took Good Friday and Easter Monday away because of the snow days, so no days off school until the end of school on May 27th. But Sarah will likely be missing Good Friday anyway, as she has to travel to Arkansas with her Dad and his family to see her Grandpa, who is sadly - dying.

Hope you make wonderful memories, as I'm sure you will, that you have safe travels, and I'll look forward to reading about your stories and seeing your pictures when you return.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

Oh and I forgot to mention... How funny about sisters, but I am 4 1/2 years and nearly 7 years older than my 3 sisters and I was their best playmate, even when I was in my early years of high school. Mom rarely played with them at all. To ask them about me to this day, they will confirm this. I miss those years sometimes.