Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mom's Tea

Mom's Tea is one of my favorite days of the year at preschool. The kids get to bring their Mom's and it's a fun morning. It really feels like just yesterday that I was at Mom's Tea for Emily. When I read that post, I was shocked that I was pregnant. Time is passing much too quickly.

Today was Ben's turn for Mom's tea. I told him it was our date and he was so excited. He even woke me up this morning so sweetly and told me that he couldn't wait for our date. David worked from home to watch Noah. Ben and I got all ready to go. We dressed up a little and he immediately told me how beautiful I was when I walked out. That Ben is a charmer.

He played out front with his friends before it started.

He made me a lovely pot with a flower and a bumblebee. The teachers really go all out making sure it is a nice morning for us moms.

They sang a few songs. This was the best part. Ben was totally into it and probably the most animated kid up there. He's a performer.

It was a nice time with just Ben and I. He was a perfect gentlemen.


Linda said...

Really sweet :)

I remember attending various school functions with Sarah in the early years, but can't remember her ever telling me that I looked beautiful. She's never been very vocal with her praise about her Mom, lol. You're right - the time goes so very fast. I spent yesterday afternoon giving another driving lesson. An hour and a half riding in the car as Sarah drove us around town, on the busy route through town, and out around the country.

Anonymous said...

Glad this didn't happen during the week you were in Florida. Ben does look so cute and so grown. Imagine a date with his Mom. I know he must have been in heaven, having a date with his favorite gal!☼