Friday, April 29, 2011


Ben has an imagination unlike anything I've ever seen in a kid. He wanted to watch Wolverine and asked for knives for his hands. Since I wasn't about to give him steak knives, I figured butter knives are pretty much safe. He's watched the movie twice already and thinks the knives are the best thing ever.

Maybe he'll work at Universal Island of Adventure someday as Wolverine. Hey, at least he could score us some Express Passes for free.


Anonymous said...

Now this really looks scary to me. Maybe you could find some plastic knives for the costume effect. I agree Ben is seriously a real character. Margaret said she really enjoyed her converstaion with the little actor last week. He did a great job convincing her he was a 1st grader!☺

Linda said...

What's Wolverine? I'm not familiar with that.

He's hilarious - wish we could all meet in person before they're all grown up.