Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Super Cuts

We are leaving for a vacation to Orlando on Saturday. My Mom body builder brother will be here tomorrow to stay at our house to watch our golden retriever pit bull. I have a check list 3 pages long and every day is busier than the day before.

On that list was haircuts. I've been cutting David's hair since he got more pay cuts and we realized that $15 at Great Clips once a month was another expense we could do without. I put on the #2 guard on the clippers and go to town.

Ben has been getting the same haircut since he was 2 years old. Again, the #2 guard and I go to town. Hey, I'm good at what I do so why change things?

Noah will be 2 in August. He hasn't had a haircut yet and really doesn't have much hair which is strange since he is a product of David and I. His hair is thin and wispy. It's getting long in a few areas and he looks like he has Wolverine horns sometimes. I decided to try to cut his hair, but opted with a #8 guard as I didn't think he needed a crew cut yet.

This is before.


Still during.


Don't see much of a difference? Yeah, me neither. His hair was so fine it just fell through the clippers. I had a baggie ready marked with Noah's first haircut and the date on it. But this was all the hair I could gather.

And I think some of it may be Ben's.
I'll try again when Noah is three.


Linda said...

So funny :) Sarah's hair was about like that early on as well. Or you could be like us and nearly completely go without haircuts. I haven't had my hair cut in a year. That's right - a year. See how long it is? lol It's barely below my ears. What can I say, it grows really really slow. Jim lets his hair get to hippie length before he will go and get it cut. I have to nag him about it, lol. Sarah is the only one who goes once every 4 months or so to the salon, so we're doing pretty good in that department.

Hope you have a nice trip to Orlando. Taking the kids out of school? My sister would do that, but I never do. I'm a meanie. Seriously. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gina , you are too funny! I can't really believe you didn't feel inclined to try again with a smaller # clipper. But, then the tale would not have been nearly such a cute recounting. Poor Noah! ☺ I can't really say that he looked too happy after the deed was done. Hopefully he will recover by Saturday.Can't wait to see you all☼