Thursday, April 21, 2011

Orlando Day 6

Today was a low key day. It was very nice and much needed after the whirlwind of theme parks since we got here.

We had a nice breakfast at Mimi's Cafe with Grammie. Coffee + buttermilk muffin = happy Mommy.

We went to a few stores and to Ikea. Then, we went by Grammie's for a little bit until Noah started melting down. We came back to our condo and he took a nap while David and the kids went to the pool. I did laundry, dishes and cleaned up. Some things don't change even when you are on vacation.

David's sister and her family arrived this afternoon from North Carolina. So, we all met at a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. Here are Ben and Grampie looking handsome.

The cousins are getting acquainted after not seeing each other for 6 months.

Rachel loves Emily, she kept hugging her. It's so cute.

This steakhouse is a buffet and the servers come around with skewers of meat and give you whatever you'd like. Filet mignon, pork spareribs, bacon wrapped chicken and this was the garlic sirloin. So, so, so good.

And all this kid had was rice.

We went back to Grammie and Grampie's house and the 5 grandkids started ransacking their home.

Ben had to go to the restroom and after about 10 minutes I went to check on him. This was how I found him. He's on the sink getting the soap because he couldn't reach. Pants are on the ground. He's serious about his handwashing. And he put the toilet seat down. He's good.

These two boy cousins are technically 2 months apart. Greg has a few inches on Noah already and Greg's the "little" cousin. I tried to get a picture of them together, but getting two 1 year olds to hold still and look at the camera is impossible.

Well, the back of Greg's head is handsome too.

More good times to come tomorrow when we all head to Wet and Wild.

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Linda said...

It's wonderful for all of the cousins to be together. I know what you mean about things don't change on vacation - I cooked, cleaned, did dishes and laundry on our Spring Break vacation as well :)

Have a nice Easter weekend.
It's completely quiet here. Bet you don't know that sound, lol.