Monday, April 18, 2011

Orlando Day 2

We've been so busy on vacation that I haven't had a chance to post.

On our first full day in Orlando, we decided to head to Sea World just for the morning. Since we bought a 5 park flex ticket, we have the option of going anytime we want for 14 consecutive days. I like the idea of just going to a park for half a day especially with little kids. Usually these parks are so expensive, you feel like you have to be there open to close to get your money worth.

We were just at Sea World last October, but we never made it to the Shamu show. I was determined to get the kids to see it this time. We went on several rides and enjoyed no lines and then we went to see Shamu do his thing.

And he got several thumbs up from the kids during the first few minutes. Then, they got bored. They started playing with the goldfish crackers, poking each other and asking when it would be over. They weren't as memorized as I had thought they would be. They are doers instead of observers. So, we headed out into the park to do.

David took the kids on a huge 4 story net playhouse. I hung out with Noah and played the drums.

Then David came down with Ben and he was white as a ghost. Lack of food and water? Too hot? Jet lag? Probably all of the above, but we were both completely freaked out. He looked like he was about to faint. His lips were so white. David quickly took him to get a Pepsi. And I stayed with Noah while Emily climbed around. But then I couldn't find Emily in the massive play area. David came back with Ben and I was freaking about Emily's where abouts and freaking about Ben looking like a ghost. And just when David was about to go find Emily, she found us. She was crying and totally freaked out. She couldn't find her way out or us.

We all regrouped for a few moments and it was only later that night when I downloaded pictures that I saw this one of Ben and realized how pale he was.

Ben recovered. Emily recovered. David and I recovered. And the kids continued to play. They got soaked in the water area.

Emily loved the carousel.

Noah, not so much.

Then David's friend, Michele, and parents came to our condo for a visit. We went swimming for a little bit.

And we ordered some pizza and had a great evening chatting and relaxing. This is David's friend Michele.

Ben fell asleep at 6:00 and slept until 9:00 this morning. He felt just fine today. Which was a great thing as we headed to Island of Adventure which is without a doubt the absolute worst theme park David and I have ever been too.

But, more on that tomorrow.


Linda said...

I loved reading your update and seeing the photos. :) Glad everything is working out well so far and that Ben is feeling better.

I don't really have the experience of taking children on far away vacations as I was a teenager on our first and only childhood trip to Florida. But my sister Angie used to get very pale and literally would faint. Very scary. Hope the remainder of the time goes well and that there's no more of that.

Be safe and have fun.

pam said...

Wow, that pic of Ben is freaking me out! So happy he's feeling better. Happy to hear you're having a fun time. Love you, friend!