Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orando Day 3

After Ben recovered from looking like Casper, we headed to Universal Island of Adventure. Ben was so excited to see superheros and he was not disappointed. Here he is with Wolverine.

Unfortunately, that was the only thing that we weren't disappointed with. Simply said, Island of Adventure Orlando is terrible. We knew the lines would be long as it is the neighboring states Spring Break. But the problem wasn't the crowds, it was the Express Pass.

Now, Disney has a Fast Pass that lets anybody in the park get a ticket to come back at a later time to ride the attraction quickly. It's also only available on their top 5 or 6 rides in the park. Universal has the Express Pass which is like the Fast Pass but the evil version. First, it's good for every single ride in the park. If you are staying at one of three Universal hotels, you get complimentary Express Passes. The going rate for one night during this week is over $400. You can also buy an Express Pass in addition to the $90 that it cost to get in the park. The fee is $80, making it $170 for 1 day.

We did not have express passes, so we waited and waited and waited in every line. On the Spiderman ride, they would load 3 cars with express pass people and 1 car with regular line people. We waited 2 hours to go on the Spiderman ride.

Then we headed to the Dr. Seuss area where we waited more. This little train ride broke when we were 3 people from the front which took 60 minutes to get to the front. So, we waited. And when they fixed it 30 minutes later, they took 17 people from the express line and 3 people from our line. The majority of the day, this is what the kids did...waited in line and bored to death.

Here are the kids on the Dr. Seuss carousel which we waited 30 minutes for.

At least Emily was having fun on the ride.

All in all, it was the worst experience David and I have ever had at a theme park. We were there for 8 hours and went on 5 rides. The food was cold and gross. The trash cans were overflowing. The staff was rude. We may have had a different experience if we could have afforded $170 per person to get into the park with the express pass. We didn't even see 75% of the park. We went to two areas in 8 hours and were done.

The good news is the kids handled it much better than David and I. And since we had Noah, we were able to do a child swap after waiting in line for 2 hours so the kids could go on the ride twice in a row with each of us. The kids did love the 5 rides that we actually rode on.

Ben loved the Spiderman ride so much that he was still spinning webs in bed at 10:30 last night. At least it wasn't a total waste of a day and money.


Linda said...

:( That's kind of how it was for us at Magic Kingdom last spring. All in all, I think the girls only actually rode about 9 rides the whole day. I'd have to go back and check to make sure, but even with the fast passes, it was tricky and there were super long waits for everything. We kind of expected it because of spring break time.

Hope the rest of your time is much better. Here, we had our first Tornado Warnings of the season tonight, so we spent a good portion of the evening huddled in the closet and the innermost bathroom as there wasn't even time to get next door to my Mom & Dad's basement. That's how fast Tornados come in. Jim, on the other hand was walking around the house and in a little big, the kids and I heard the stereo system in the garage theater room.... he was just sitting out there watching Eric Clapton on the big screen while we were hiding from the Tornados. There was even damage locally and the sirens were going off. Very scary to "SOME" of us.


Linda said...

... that was obviously supposed to have read "in a little BIT". I'm still traumatized after tonight's storms! LOL :)