Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orlando Day 4 & 5

I didn't take any pictures on day 4. It's a little hard at a water park. I don't want to be so preoccupied with pictures that I can't enjoy the moment.

We went to Aquatica which is Sea World's water park. We had a blast. The kids played hard and we had so much fun. They had a lazy river, but no tube are allowed. It has great rapids and you just float down it in a life vest if you choose. So much fun. We must have done that 6 times. We did some of the bigger slides, but we are realizing on this trip that somewhere along the years, Emily has turned into a big chicken. She didn't want to do anything too scary. Ben is up for anything. And Noah, well Noah falls asleep. I don't know what it is about water parks, but he did the same thing last year when we had season passes to Wet and Wild in Phoenix. He hears the water and feels the waves and the kid is asleep. He has narcosleepy (as Pam and I call it) when he gets around water.

David or I would hold Noah who was crashed out and the kids would go have fun with whoever was free. It was an awesome time. David's parents came over that evening too. It's so nice to do a little something fun with the kids everyday and visit the grandparents at night.

The sunsets here are so pretty. I find it so weird that you can actually look at the sun. Every night when it gets close to setting, it's just an orange ball and you can look at it for a few seconds. This is our view out our balcony window.

On to Day 5.... Is it day 5 already? Today we went to Universal Studios. I was slightly worried after the disaster at their sister park Island of Adventure, but it was no where near as crowded. Island of Adventure added the Harry Potter attraction last year and attract it is doing. We were happy to go to the quieter park today.

We went on lots of rides and the kids got to do several of them twice because of the baby swap. Our longest wait was 30 minutes which is way closer to our speed. There was also this fun ball house that the kids just loved.

Did I say kids? I meant David.

Oh yes, the kids liked it too.

We also watched a Barney show which Noah was mesmerized with. Emily and Ben liked it too, but Emily is starting to act too cool to like Barney. We caught her singing though when she didn't think we were watching.

A quick photo with Curious George. Again, Emily was too cool to get in the picture. She is almost 7 after all.

When we go to the park, Noah is so chilled out. He wants David to hold him all the time and he barely shows any expression. He just observes. The second we get home, he comes alive. He was thrilled to be coloring on the floor.

At least he's easily entertained.

We met David's Mom tonight for dinner and ice cream and took an evening dip in the pool. Such a nice day.


pam said...

So happy everyone is having fun! Miss you!

Linda said...

Sounds very pleasant, though I'm with Emily and am a big chicken. :) I don't even do water parks because.... well at least Emily swims. I don't. So, no slides or anything for me, but that's okay.

Glad you're having a fun time in beautiful Florida.
Love, Linda