Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Our kids are influenced by our musical choices. We play what is on our Ipod, but they each have their favorites among our favorites.

I created a playlist on my Ipod for each kid. Depending who is in the car, we turn on what they like. Emily's playlist has lots of Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson. Ben's includes Aerosmith's Dream On, The Beatles and several John Mayer tunes. Noah is into Coldplay's Viva la Vida and Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music soundtrack. Just to name a few.

And every so often, the Ipod will be on shuffle or Daddy will be in control and someone will find a new favorite. David takes Ben to preschool in the mornings and Ben told me the other day that he likes the song "Who Wants To Live Forever". The other night 2 hours after I put him to bed, I heard him talking in his room. I went to check on him and he said he couldn't stop singing that song.

Today, when I picked him up from preschool, I found this drawing in his cubby.

The teacher will often ask what the picture is about and write down what the student says. Apparently, the song is still stuck in Ben's head.

I was laughing and Ben tells me after he told his teacher it's about "Who Wants To Live Forver", she broke out in song. Then, the whole class sung the song. It was like a mini Glee preschool classroom singing Queen. What I would have given to see that.

I always knew Ben would inspire the arts.


Linda said...

Ha, love it! :D

brownymama said...

Laughing over here! What a great idea to make a playlist for each kid. Wish I'd been there for the Glee performance! And have fun in Florida!!!