Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Longer A Redhead

I've been getting the occasional white hair here and there. I've never colored my hair before, but I knew the time would come that I could no longer pull out every white hair. Well, the time finally came. But not for me though...

We've had Rocko for a little over 2 years. We've given him a few baths a year, but he's never been to a groomer. He's a golden retriever and his coat is always so pretty and red. But he was getting too burly. His fur was overgrown. The hair behind his ears was matted. He needed some major TLC. So he went to the dog groomer this morning. She suggested shaving him down as his fur was really matted in places. We used to shave Forest every summer as it was so hot in Phoenix. It takes a little getting used to on a retriever, but it's cooler for them and it helps maintain their coat. What I didn't realize was that Rocko is blond underneath all that red.

He still loves fetching a ball though.

He looks like a pup now without all that fur.

The kids went with me to pick him up and they walked right by him without even recognizing him. He looks like he lost 10 pounds.

He is silky and smooth and smells so good. Now, we'll let his coat grow out all summer and it will be thick and ready for the cold in the Fall. So, he'll be a blond for the summer and a redhead during the winter months. Although, I doubt he really cares about all that.


brownymama said...

Cracking up! At your puns and your dog! (:

Linda said...


Well, he looks very cool for summer! How funny :)