Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yee Haw

Emily had a spring music concert at her school last night. Well, it wasn't at her school. They held it at the middle school as there was just too much turnout last time. This time it was K, 1 and 2 grades in one night. Each had their own theme. First grade was cowboy.

That's Emily's music teacher in the front left. He's new this year and lots of fun. He's like Jack Black in School of Rock. He plays his guitar and gets into it. Look at him with a guitar and harmonica and this was just for "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain". He's awesome and the kids really respond to him. The second grade sang The Doors and The Kinks. Fourth grade is doing The Beatles. So much fun.

Look at the turnout for 1st grade. That's almost 60 kids and there are only about 95 in all 4 classes. This wasn't required, but the kids all want to be there and sing their hearts out.

With so few classes for anything to do with the arts in school, I'm thrilled that this teacher has extra activities for the kids to be involved in. Emily loved it and sang so well. Gone are the days at her Mom's tea when she was so shy she barely moved her lips. I'm so proud of her and the confident little lady that she is becoming.


Linda said...

Hooray for Emily and HOoray for MUSIC!!! It's what rules at our house. Also, gotta love those super cool music teachers. Sarah has been fortunate to have many of those herself, and they always make it that much more fun.

Emily looks so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. Emily looks so cute, glad to know she had that special event to look forward to when she returned home from her trip.It looks like you all had a busy week.☼