Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing

TLC has started a new series on extreme couponing. It aired last night and I just finished watching it. I just have to say a few things.

Yes, I use coupons.
Yes, I won't pay the full retail price for just about anything.
Yes, I spend time surfing blogs and planning my shopping trip.

The difference between me and the people on this show is that these people are well, extreme. I get one copy of the newspaper every week. I do not go dumpster diving to find more or go out of my way to get extra copies. And you shouldn't need to. If you want to adequately coupon for a family of five, one copy of the newspaper is enough. Sure, sometimes I wish I had another coupon for something but it's not all that often.

The lady last night got 62 bottles of mustard. Seriously? What does one need with 62 bottles of mustard? We use about 2 a year. And another lady had toilet paper stashed under her children's beds. And what are you going to do with 35 bottles of Maalox? Oh that's right, you'll need them after you eat the 12 packs of hot dogs that you got for free. This is EXTREME couponing and in my opinion it's OCD with a dash of hoarder. But gosh, it's good TV!

In any case, I am a realistic couponer. I buy what my family will need or use. I give what we can't use away. Since I'm fairly new to this, I don't have all the ins and outs down yet. But, I've built a fairly modest stockpile. One shelf in my linen closest for some extra stuff.

In my pantry, I have about 10 back up boxes of cereal. Seriously, how much does a family need?

Pasta was recently free and I got us a 6 month supply using printable coupons.

My pantry is bursting and I've started another shelf in the garage for cleaning stuff, juice and what not. Oh gosh, is that how every extreme couponer started? In any case, I feel good about how much money I'm saving and I'm happy that I have backups of the things we use. I feel that anyone can do what I do especially with all the blogs out there to help you. Start small with one store or drugstore and see what you can do.

You don't need to be extreme, just realistic.
And if you ever come to my house and forget your toothbrush, don't worry, I got you covered.


Linda said...

I saw that show advertised and thought of you, LOL. :) But seriously, I knew you weren't at the same degree as those people, though you certainly do great with the savings.

Bottom line is - we have absolutely NO space in our house for stockpiling. It's a 1200 square foot house and the closets are already full. I freak out when Jim comes home with cases of pop, just because they're at a good price now, but it's worked out okay with that, because now he keeps all of that stuff out in the garage/theater room on what he has deemed "the beverage table". Seriously - just about anything anyone wants to drink is out there, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ive been starting to get interested in the couponing but never busted my butt for it until these extreme coupon shows and I thought of you. I cannot stockpile, period. We have a very small house and like you said, I dont know why these people have to have 62 bottles of mustard???? I have a lot to learn and this light bulb hasnt gone off yet... so I havent understood it well.