Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ben's patching is going really well. Emily insisted on having a patch one day too. I made a rainbow on hers.

Of course hers lasted about 5 minutes. Ben is doing so well with keeping it on for five hours. He complains a little when I put it on and about half way through, he asks to take it off. But, he's a trooper and hangs in there. And it's already working. I find it shocking that it's already making a difference, but it is.

When I first found out about his lazy eye, I remember doing all sorts of tests to see how well he saw. I held up a toy doll of Buzz Lightyear and Woody. With his good eye patched, he couldn't pick out Buzz. I was only 3 feet away and one is white and one is brown. I thought he would at least be able to distinguish the colors. But his eye is already starting to work after just a week of patching.

The other day he was watching TV with his eye patched and no glasses on. He was just wearing his spiderman mask and hadn't put them back on. I asked him if he could see the TV as he was sitting on the sofa. He said yes. So I stood a few feet away and held up three fingers. He told me perfectly how many were up. Then, I stood halfway to the TV and held up a toy car. He told me what it was. Then, I stood all the way at the TV and held up a purple toothbrush. I held it against my chest, so he couldn't make out what it was based on the outline. He got it right away. My chin about hit the floor. I'm so excited about how much progress he has already made.
As for Noah and his eczema issue, we went to the dermatologist today. She didn't give us any earth shattering news. Simply, Noah needs to stay moisturized with a cream from a tub, not a pump or tube. I found some Cetaphil in a jar at Costco. It is like the consistancy of shortening it's so thick. We need to put that on him 3 times a day, followed by some prescription hydro cortisone twice daily. We'll stop the hydro cortisone in about two weeks and hopefully, he'll be done itching and will continue to get relief with the cream. A $30 co-pay to find out we need to use cream from a jar. If that doesn't work, he'll get a higher prescription of hydro cortisone. So, we'll see where he goes from here.

I was just happy to find out that he definitely has eczema and he's not a cutter. I thought we might be booked for an episode of baby is a cutter. Phew, we escaped that one.
Emily says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Don't get me wrong, teachers are great, but I try to encourage her to do something that will actually pay her bills. She loves all those blood and guts shows, be a nurse. Which means she will never be a nurse and she will be a teacher simply because her Mother is encouraging her to do the opposite.

Tonight, she was watching TV and reading a book. I was doing dishes and noticed that after each page, she'd turn the book to show her "students" the drawings. Of course, nobody is in her classroom, but she doesn't care.

And even in true teacher fashion, she is multitasking and watching the movie at the same time. Maybe she does have what it takes to be a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Well, so much news in this blog. I am definitly happy to know that the patches are working and that Ben is not too resistant. Does he realize yet that he now can actually see with that eye? Emily's intentions, although short lived, were good to inspire her brother to keep on wearing his patch.
Glad to know that Noah's scratching is actually due to eczema and that the condition can be treated, hopefully. What is the difference between tub and tube aside from the final e. Is a thicker cream?

It is amzing to think that Emily may have some Kelley in her after all. She does come from a long line of teachers going all the way back to her great- great- grandmother on her great- grandfathers side of the family and well you probably already know how many teachers there were in my generation in our family. Great Grandmother, Great Grandfather, Great Uncle Mike, Great Auntie Barb and of course Grammie. As well as various other family members on both Great Grandfather and Great Grandmothers side and that is all of course on Emily's Daddy's side of the family. I know there is at least one in your family as well. There could be worse career choices than to be a teacher although you are right it will never make you "rich" in a monetary way.The rewards of teaching are not to be taken lightly though.(2 months of summer vacation for example) Hmmm!
Hope you all have a super weekend. ☼

pam said...

Thanks for all the updates. So happy to hear everyone is doing well. Hugs and kisses to all!

Linda said...

Loved reading your update and am so glad the patching is working and how cute of Emily. :) My sisters and I (and Linda B.) used to play school all of the time. It was one of our favorite things to play and I always planned to be a teacher. One of us, of the four, did. Though three of us are teachers - MOMS. :)