Saturday, April 9, 2011

April (Snow) Showers

April showers bring 6 inches of snow when you live above 5,000 feet in Arizona. The forecast called for this, but we usually don't believe it. The kids were so excited to play in the snow.
Emily landed in the snow after a ride down the slide.

Ben made snow angels.

Noah cried because he couldn't walk in his snow boots because they are too big. And I stopped to take a few pictures instead of picking him up right away. That's just the kind of Mom I am.

Rocko played fetch with snowballs.

Our peach tree blossoms wondered what in the heck was on top of them.

I went out with no make up on and Ben told me how beautiful I looked. He's going to make some woman very happy one day.

Noah started crying.

Emily cried.

Why? Because their Dad pegged them hard with snowballs. He's just a big kid himself.

I tried to get all three kids in for one picture. David was behind me obviously holding a snow ball to get them all to smile. All they did was flinch.

After an hour, everyone was done. The kids have a routine after they play in the snow. It involves an electric blanket and popcorn. It was only 9:15 in the morning, who says you can't have popcorn for breakfast? Not me. That's just the kind of Mom I am.

It's already melting fast in our 40 degree weather and I'm hoping that's the last snow until next winter. In any case, we are heading to Orlando in one week where the high is in the 80's. I'm packing shorts and flip flops and I'm going to enjoy every ounce of sunshine and humidity that Orlando has to offer. My cold toes can't wait.


Linda said...

lol, I just don't get how Arizona could have all of this snow today when it was our hottest day of Spring yet - something like 83 degrees here today, maybe even warmer. It literally felt hot this afternoon, under the clear blue sky. Did a lot of yard work.

Have a great rest of the weekend... another spring break next week for you in Orlando??? :)

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like it wasn't all fun on Emily's part. Not sure how often you see real big tears like those. ☺ She looks so sad( at least for a moment). I'm sure they had lots of fun for one last frolic in the snow.But all snuggled down with the blanket and popcorn looks like more fun to me. Hope the new shoots from your plants were not permanently damaged. ☼