Friday, April 15, 2011

Most Spirit Award

Today was a bike-a-thon at Ben's preschool. It's a fundraiser for the preschool which helps keep the cost of monthly tuition very low.

Ben was on his bike and ready to go.

This is Ben and his friend Caleb. They are best buds.

On the sidelines cheering Ben on was my Mom and Noah. Noah was more interested in feeding my mom his rice krispy treat.

Whenever the kids crossed the finish line, they were given a tally mark on their back. Whoever had the most won something. But having the kids stop was causing a lot of accidents. Half way through the race Ben completely wiped out. He hit the brakes hard and ran into another kid on his bike. A lady who was doing tally marks barely caught Ben before he hit the pavement. He was still a little roughed up though. We went over to take a picture on the Police motorcycle while he got over the incident.

Come to find out, his chain fell off during the collision. I could not get it back on without a screwdriver. It's one of the few things I don't carry in my purse. Go figure. Ben took it in stride and hopped on Caleb's little sisters big wheel. He didn't even flinch that it was pink.

During the last 5 minutes, he gave the big wheel back and decided to run.

I gave him the "Most Spirit" award today. He just kept on going. Ben always has the best attitude and he's just a wonderful kid. God, I love him.

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Linda said...

A positive attitude is everything and I hope he keeps that up throughout life. :) Way to go, Ben! Have fun on your upcoming trip.