Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Itch

David and I will be married 7 years in November, so I guess it's appropriate that I'm getting the 7 year itch. But, it's not that 7 year itch. I'm happily married. I'm just feeling the need to get out and do more with our family.

I know it's going to be harder with a baby. I have visions of Disneyland. David and the kids riding Peter Pan and laughing, and there I am sitting on a bench with a baby. Not my idea of a great time. But, I know that if the kids are having fun then I will be having fun. It goes back to my Momzilla post. If they are happy, then I will be happy and vice versa. And besides for every ride they go on without me, I get one chocolate covered banana with nuts. Not too shabby for Gina. But, we don't have a trip planned for California as of yet.

Before David and I got married, life was well, different. We usually went to dinner on a Friday night, followed by a movie or we'd go to our local bookstore. We'd spend hours just walking around looking at books and magazines. We'd go our separate ways and meet up at some point. I'd always find David reading a Rolling Stone magazine, in the CD section with headphones on or reading a cook book for new ideas. Me? I usually ended up in the travel section.

I haven't spent time like that in a bookstore since before we had kids. Now, the book store is the public library and we go for story time and I can't browse for more than a few seconds before I lose a kid and decide it's best to leave. I've learned that if I want a book, I need to go online to our public library, find what I want, put a hold on it and it is waiting for me when I get there.

I was on the treadmill watching the Today show. A feature story came up about Budget Travel. Ah, this used to be one of my favorite magazines. I'd look at it and dream about all the places we would go one day. But the truth is in the last 6 years, we've made 2 trips to visit my Dad and Suzy in Idaho and we went to California for my Aunts wedding. We also took Emily to Canada when she was about a year old. And David took Emily to Florida when his Dad had surgery. Not a whole lot.

I went to the magazines web page this morning. It's full of useful information that might help us plan inexpensive weekends away with the family. I really wanted to subscribe to it, but things being what they are, I'll settle for browsing their site. As great as the computer is, I still love reading an actual book or magazine with real pages. I'd much rather dog ear a page then bookmark it on the computer. I used to pull out pages of places that I want to visit and stick them in a file folder. I'll need to dust it off and see if any places fit our needs right now.

On our recent date night, David and I were talking. Real conversation with nobody but the waitress interrupting. It was lovely. I told him that I don't remember the day in and day out of going to school. But, I do remember the few trips we took as a family. It was usually to California because it's close and seriously, California is pretty incredible.

I told him about the time when we drove (it's only 6 hours) to California when I was about 7. We started down Interstate 10 in our yellow station wagon complete with paneling on the sides. A little into our trip, the wagon started having problems. We turned around and headed home. Today, we would go and rent an SUV complete with a DVD system and continue with our travels. Back in 1980, you just loaded the kids into the back of your other vehicle, a pick up truck, and drove to California, even if it was 110 degrees out. Today that would be called child abuse.

***From left to right, my Dad, Aunt Billie, me, brother Joey, sister Tammy, Aunt Rosie and cousin Mark

That's right. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Until the dust storm and rain hit. At least they gave us blankets to try to cover up with. I remember we all had to sit on a corner, so the blankets wouldn't blow away and we could stay protected. And if you've never opened a can of soda in the back of a pick up truck going 65mph, don't. The soda just sprays everywhere. My hair was in knots by the time we arrived to my Aunts house in Pomona. But, I don't even remember that I cared. We went to Disneyland, Sea World and the beach. It was one of our best vacations as a family.

And that's my point. Kids will always remember great times spent with their family. And I want my kids to have more experiences and adventures than I did.

Trips are few and far between. I'm realizing that they don't need to be extravagant. We do have young kids. It just needs to be something. We have a trip schedule to visit my Dad in Idaho in June and we might go to San Diego in October.

I'm still hoping for more though...

After all, my heart will always be in the travel section.


Linda said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Gina. As usual it made me think towards my own life as well and where it's gone.

Your Uncle Jim and I had those great travel plans as well when we were first together, but nowdays it seems that it's just the day in/day out of living, which gets me down many times. It's not that I don't like routine, and yes, we did go to Florida - but it's always very rushed and always back to the routine too soon, and that's just with one kid at home.

Still, we make it a point to do smaller trips in between and those can be fun as well, as you've shared.

Just yesterday, Sarah was asking if we'd be going to Chicago this summer and planning which friend she could bring with. They do indeed enjoy those trips, even when they're relatively simple to accomplish.

I hope that fun travel times await you all. ♥

amyraye said...

you describe 80's arizona life perfectly: traveling to california in the back of truck. so funny. can you imagine loading your precious kiddos into the back of a pickup and driving- not just down the street, but 6 hours?! that is so funny!

anyway, i had this same realization a few years ago. for me, it was that our kids had just as much fun on a cheap camping trip as they do going on a "real" vacation. it's about the time, not the destination. are you campers?
good luck finding a great destination. i'm going to check that travel site out.

pam said...

I've never heard this story - how is that possible?! That is a pretty crazy trip. Thank goodness Disneyland wasn't closed when you got there, or I would have you confused with the Griswolds. :)

Anonymous said...

Gina..........I am the queen of going places! Just say the word, and I'll come up with some fun daytrips we can go on. Come on! Picture a day trip to Flagstaff this summer and taking the kids on the ski lift at Snow Bowl. Fun! We could do a trip to Oak Creek and let the kids play around at Slide Rock. I haven't done that since I was a kid. You are shocking me! Come on, you are exciting me! Let's go! I also have fond memories of all the outtings my mom took us on. Those are the things kids remember.