Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Our House

Ben is trying his best to turn his baby brother into a Superhero fan by reading to him. It seems to be working.

In the book Ben was reading, The Joker was holding up a Joker card. So, Ben asked what it was. I tried to explain in a deck of cards there are 2 Joker cards. He still didn't get it. He had never seen a real deck of cards, just Old Maid or Go Fish cards. So, I went through one of the junk drawers (more on that in a second) to find a deck of cards. I couldn't find one. Then, I remembered the deck in our top dresser drawer that I remembered seeing when I got out the treadmill key.

I had to laugh when I saw the deck. My Dad used to own a Texaco and I ran it for him for 5 years. It was a mile from Luke Air Force Base. Shortly after 9/11, they came out with this set of cards of the 52 most wanted in the middle east. And even though you might think Saddam would be on the Joker card, he got the Ace of Spades. The Joker card, however, had a listing of military ranks and how to pronounce them in Arabic. Ben thought the cards were cool though and I told him they were real villains.

I did finally manage to find his deck of Spiderman cards that had a proper joker picture in junk drawer #3. Yes, 3.

When we bought our house, I picked one of the 11 drawers in the kitchen to be a junk drawer. Then, somehow the junk seeped over into the drawer next to it. Then, a poor drawer that used to hold kitchen utensils got run over with grocery ads and receipts. It was pathetic and disgusting. I felt like a hoarder.

I spent 3 hours yesterday cleaning them all out. I'm opening the drawers now just because it feels good. We'll see how long it takes for them to end up in hoarder status.


The kids love watermelon. And since the little seedless ones were on sale I bought one yesterday. They were so excited for me to cut into it. I gave them each three slices and waited for them to eagerly gobble them up.

But they didn't. They took a bite or two off of each one and that was it. David does not like watermelon. I think it's a texture thing because he doesn't mind it in a smoothie and I think both of my kids take after him. They like the idea of watermelon. Cutting open a big green ball with a huge knife to find the bright red center. Then, they taste it and decide the fun is over. So, I was left eating 6 pieces of watermelon all with a bite already out of them.


Emily brings home 5-10 "art" projects every day. Usually, it's little scribbles, not finished drawings or someone will draw her a picture. I can always tell which one isn't hers. I go through them and I might keep one or two of the stellar ones every week for her Kindergarten box.

One masterpiece yesterday is definitely a keeper.

Emily is quicker than a Ferrari. She can make me go from 0 to Momzilla in about 2.3 seconds. She can also do just the opposite when she wants to. This picture melted my heart in about 2.1 seconds. She was thinking about me today and she loves me.

And sometimes, that's all I need to know to get me through the day.


Linda said...

Hey, I have an Emily... her name you know is Sarah.

Adorable pictures as always, except maybe the one of the junk drawer. Yes we have 2 drawers and one cabinet of those in the kitchen, though presently they're pretty organized. I too, will open them after reorganization, just to admire them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina, I love Emily's note to Mommy. Can you talk her into sending me a note one day? I think that is so sweet of her. I haven't seen any "I love Daddy " notes. Or, are you just hiding those ones? Ha!
That's nice that Ben is so concerned about Noah that he is reading to him. How cute.☺
Watermelon ... well I don't like it either, so maybe David got that from me???
Your junk drawer looks neater , even in it's state of confusion than any I have; and believe me living with your father-in-law there is always a mess.
Best wishes for a great weekend.☼