Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trio Of Superheros

David got off early from work yesterday. The state won't pay him overtime and he won't work for free, so he get's to flex out his time almost weekly. This meant a 4 1/2 hour work day on Friday. Which is fine by all of us.

David came home and relaxed with Ben on the sofa. Ben and I had just checked out a few Justice League DVD's at the library. I think David was more excited about watching them than Ben was. Then Noah woke up and wanted in on some guy time.

Here they are, my three favorite men.

Noah was seriously flashing me a smile every time I held up the camera. I'm training him well!

Ben was a little miffed that Noah had to join them, but he got over it when I told him that Noah will always be Robin and he will always be Batman.

Ben even shared one of his Batmans with Noah. He's a superhero in the making.

And I got to pick Emily up from school kid free.
It feels weird to be without my entourage.
Like I was constantly forgetting something.
It was a lovely 20 minutes.

I wish we could have a Friday that like that every week.


Anonymous said...

Imagine that wicked trio of Superheroes when they decide to take on the femme fatale forces at work in your home. Hmmm!
I was just wondering outloud to David this morning what Noah will be like. If he'll be as dramatic and sweet as Emily or if he will be a dreamer and script writer like his big brother Ben. Right now he seems pretty demanding but yet needy... We'll just have to wait and see.☺

Linda said...

These are such wonderful, adorable photos! Noah just has the sweetest smile! :) And Ben, is always so cute as well. Great that they had this time together with Daddy and that you had time alone to pick up Emily.

I think it's always fantastic how, as busy as you are, you take the time to record your life here on the blog with wonderful pictures and stories.