Monday, April 26, 2010

A Night At Robbins

We rarely go out for dinner or dessert. My kids had never been to a McDonald's until we went on vacation in October of 2008 and we've never been back since. They were more excited about the toy in the happy meal than the actual meal. Don't get me wrong, I love a Whopper (Burger King is way better than McD's) as much as the next person and if it was healthy for me and cheap, I'd be there every day. But, it's not, so if we want ice cream sundaes. We buy ice cream and all the fixings at the store for $10 and all of us will have sundaes for a week. I do cave and get Arby's about once a year. Ah, roast beef sandwiches are amazing.

Since we rarely go out for food, you can imagine how excited Emily was about going to Baskin Robbins. She completed the 3 necessary sets of sight words to graduate Kinder back in November. The next 7 sets were bonus sets and at the end of those, she got a gift certificate for ice cream. My girl loves ice cream and I think it's what motivated her. That and two boys in her class were right up there with her and she wanted to compete with them. She's very competitive and likes to win. I don't know where she gets that from.

I remember as a kid that after any special accomplishment or dance recital, we'd all go to Swensen's. It was an ice cream parlor by the mall and we'd get all sorts of fancy ice cream served in a glass dish. It was heavenly and something we all looked forward to. We don't have a Swensen's here, but we do have a Baskin Robbins which used to be called 31 flavors, but now they only seem to have about 18 and the ice cream is served in a wax paper cup. Seriously, look at this sundae from Swensen's.
Oh, those wafers. I had forgotten about them. I could just eat those and be happy.
Then, there is Baskin Robbin's sundae.

There really isn't any comparison. But, in this small town Baskin Robbins will have to do.

Saturday night after dinner, we all loaded up and headed to Baskin Robbins. I didn't think we had ever taken the kids before, but David reminded me that we went once when we lived in Phoenix, over 3 years ago.

She was really excited.

She loved that she could sample the flavors. So, she tried about five of them and decided on Jamocha Almond Fudge on a cone.

David got a sundae with the flavor of the month, pecan praline cheesecake. She saw his, asked for a bite and immediately decided she wanted her Dad's instead. Since it was her night and David is the best, he willingly gave up his sundae and ate her cone.

Ben liked the Jamocha Almond Fundge too, but he didn't want the nuts. I thought he should've went for Chocolate Chip of Oreo, but I let him pick what he wanted. He got just Jamocha and after 5 bites, he was done. So, Emily gladly ate some of his since her (Dad's) sundae was gone.

We gave Noah a bite of the Jamocha.

His eyes started to water and it looked like he might gag.

He recovered quickly, but didn't want another bite.

It was a fun treat for everyone. And we learned next time, order Emily whatever David is getting complete with whipped cream and a cherry, and get Ben the most basic cone there is.

And I thought we were done with the sight words after this celebration ice cream cone but nope. The teacher sent home another set. So this is her eleventh set of words and they all have 18 or more words in each set. Luckily since she is getting the hang of reading, she knew all but 4 of them on her first try. She mastered the other 4 over the weekend and was ready to be tested this morning. They aren't as hard for her anymore, but I think when school is over, we will reward her with another trip to Baskin Robbins.

Or maybe we should drive to Phoenix and go to Swensen's.


Linda said...

Really cute and fun :) We do go to our local DQ which is old fashioned and you walk up to the window to order, after school activities or once in a while, just to celebrate. Then we drive around in the car with our ice cream (well, actually I'm not a big ice cream fan - so I'll get a Mister Misty, which is called something else now or a kids-sized raspberry sundae).

There was a place sort of like your Swenson's probably, that we went to as kids with our parents. It was always a special treat because like you, we didn't do it often.

We do eat out every Saturday but rarely ever fast food. No - Chevy's is our usual Saturday lunch and mainly for the margaritas. ;)

amyraye said...

i used to work at the sizzler by swensons. i have fond memories of swensons, too. :)

Daisy said...

Cute pictures! In the beginning of this post you wrote about McDonalds.. and a Whopper. Whoppers are from Burger King.

Anonymous said...

Hey G - A secret. Sonic has these candy sundae things right now for a dollar!! Bowl of vanilla ice crm with either oreos, reeses, butterfinger or m&ms on top. Way cheaper than Baskin Robbins (assuming you don't have a coupon!).'