Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

I'm cleaning and updating stuff on my blog. In doing so, this section on my sidebar will be removed. It seems most quotes have a story and I blog about the entire thing. But, I didn't want to forget these great lines from my kids.

"Don't worry Santa! We're coming!" ~ Ben

"Tat not broccowi!" ~ Ben (I tried to pass pea soup off as broccoli, his favorite)

"Can we go to Chinese and get a baby brother?" ~ Emily

"I no wear princess!" (I put Emily's old princess pull ups on him) ~ Ben

"Look at that baby. How cute. Can we get one of those?" ~ Emily

"Look at the sun. Isn't it prettiful?" (that's pretty and beautiful) ~ Emily

"Mommy the flag is broken!" (It was the first non windy day in months) ~ Emily

"Oh yeah tough guy." ( to David while wrestling) ~ Ben

"Ben be quiet or Santa will come cut off your head." ~ Emily

"I scared of peacots (peacocks)." ~ Ben

"I need to exercise with you Mommy. I'm squishy right here too (pointing to her bottom)." ~ Emily

"Mom, you're trying my patience." ~ Emily

And I'll add a few that have come up lately that made me smile.

"Oh my gosh, Noah is going to be a kid!" ~ Emily, when she saw Noah sitting up for the first time all by himself

"Smell my stinky butt, I got a surprise for you." Then he pretends to fart. ~ Ben
hysterical...yes, except for when he says it in front of 20 Moms waiting to pick up their Kindergartener. I had to have the talk with him about what happens at home stays at home. Boys, I don't know where they get this stuff.

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Linda said...

Those are all priceless - they're such great quotes, lol. :D