Friday, April 16, 2010


Now that Emily is done with all 80 (another got set home) of the dreaded red books at school she is allowed to check out and bring home library books. Well, only one book at a time, but it's a start. Before that, the class would go to the library, but nobody was allowed to check anything out. Apparently, Kindergarteners are not to be trusted with books.

Her teacher told me Emily would now be working on comprehension. For a second I didn't understand. I need to work on comprehension too. Then, I got it. She is actually going to need to remember what she read. Oh this should be fun.

The last time her class went to computer lab, she took a test to see where her reading level was. She did okay, but her teacher said she often just picked the first option when given multiple choice. She had never taken a test before.

Basically, she is supposed to read the book and then will have to take an AR (accelerated reader) quiz on the book. Of course, the teacher is not allowed to help her what so ever with the quiz, not even if she is stuck on a word.

Emily brought home her first book today from the library. She was very proud of herself and I was proud of her too. She sat and read all 32 pages. She did really well and only needed help sounding out "throw". Her teacher told me to make up a multiple choice quiz so she can practice taking tests. A test to test testing. The fun never ends.

After reading "Go Away Dog" once, I made up a quiz about the book. I did the first question with her, but she got the answer right. Then, she read the rest of the test and answered every question correctly.

I was shocked and very impressed. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought.
After all, reading is supposed to be fun.


Linda said...

I love this. So many things that you write about, I find myself sitting here nodding in agreement and remembering quite clearly, the same or similar experiences with Sarah. Thanks for the memories!

For me... it was the dreaded AR tests.

Sarah read early on as well and because it was only her, we used to go the public library where she's had a Library Card of her own since she was 5 years old. Yes - 5. :) You see, the only requirement was that she be able to write her own name and she could, and so they signed her up with a card. There was no limit on the amount of books one could check out and I allowed her to get as many as she wanted, which normally meant us hauling home around 30 books at a time. Yes, reading was fun.

Then came AR tests which seem to suddenly make it a chore, at least for Sarah. Some kids thrived on those AR requirements, but over the years, she would just get sick of needing so many AR tests by the end of the quarter and it seemed to squash the fun of reading for her - who doesn't like to do things by the book, no pun intended. ;)

Anyway - to make a long story longer, she did keep her love for reading and we just went to the library 2 days ago, where she checked out about 10 books - every single one on the topic of Anne Frank. Maybe I'll write about that on the blog, because I find her peculiar but loveable.

I hope Emily continues to enjoy reading throughout. She's very bright and I'm sure she's going to have a wonderful school experience for many years. ♥

Linda said...

Actually, I stand corrected - Sarah was 4 when she got her public library card. :) Fun times! I hope the AR books go well and that you don't come to dread them like we did, lol.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Emily and her accomplishments. I think she does a marvelous job . I am also proud of you and the continuous support you give Emily in accomplishing all that she needs to do to be a good student. Imagine a kdgner. having to do AR at this point in her young life. She'll be a shoo in for standardized testing when that comes along.
Good work Mommy!(and Emily too).