Saturday, February 20, 2010

At Our House

It looks like this outside today.

So, we are staying home and relaxing.

I won three Justice League movies on Ebay this week. They arrived today. I thought I bought them for Ben, but you can see who is enjoying them also.

Emily declared that she doesn't like Superheros. So, she went to playing with her dolls. Luckily, her friend Ellie just invited her over to play.

Rocko is recovering just fine from his surgery. We threw the dog collars in the trash.

Noah is sleeping the day away trying to get over the cold that has hit all of us. He is up all through the night mainly because he is stuffed up and uncomfortable.

When we bought this house, I got to create our kitchen. Dark cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steal appliances. I was happy. My stepmom tried to warn me about stainless steal appliances, but I wouldn't hear it. Now, I am cursing the fingerprints all over them and I didn't realize stainless steal is not magnetic. We had to buy a dry erase board for the front of the fridge. At any given time, you can find a love note, grocery list or dinner menu for the week.

Last night, it had a chronological listing of my events with Noah.

I keep a detailed list because at any time David will wake up and take over and he needs to know what happened, especially when medicine is concerned. After the 4:00 AM note, I rolled over at some point and saw the monitor was off, and I knew my husband was taking his shift and I got to sleep until 9:00.

He's a good man.
Maybe I will buy him more Justice League movies.


Linda said...

In the picture of your yard, it's nice to see the grass! :) I'm longing for that here, and got a small taste of it today, when the temperature rose to the upper 30's (maybe even 40), which is a heat wave for here, and finally all of that snow is melting and there are some peeks of the grass.

Looks like you had a nice day staying in. Sorry that Noah is still fighting off that illness and hope he will be all better very soon and that this is the last of the wintertime sickness for all of you! ♥

I had no idea that stainless steel wasn't magnetic. I always wanted those types of appliances, but we ended up with the cheaper white. Your counters sound wonderful as well - maybe someday. I really don't like the layout of our kitchen. Everything here is very standard; we had some choices, but nothing really nice and at the time, we had no money for it anyway.

Well, I should be going in to relax. Sarah is gone now for the evening, off to Ashleys for a sleepover. It's been a long day here, but a good one. :)

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

amyraye said...

i really love the white-board idea as sort of a live text-message board. i don't know if i'd be able to read it in the middle of the night, though, because i can't see and i'd be too lazy to go back up and put my glasses on. :)