Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Milk A What?

About a year ago, my kids saw their first commercial. We DVR everything and they watched preschool channels that don't have commercials. They weren't too fond of the interruption to their program.

I remember a conversation that went like this:
(As we were driving)
Me: That skunk stinks. What else stinks?
Emily: Commercials.

We saw this commercial during the Superbowl and the kids can't get enough of it. They think it's hysterical.

Whoever came up with these Etrade commercials is genius.


Linda said...

Those are my favorites as well - if I have to watch a commercial, then it had better be funny. :)

We never record anything and I don't watch very much television, but sometimes we will watch something we missed on Hulu, and I actually like that better because there's only one quick little commercial and that's it.

brownymama said...

I love Superbowl commercials! And I'm loving the Olympics commercials too. Haven't seen a whole lot of them, but the ones I have seen were good!

But nothing is as good as your comment on my last post! I was definitely laughing out loud. It makes me smile through the dinnertime craziness now!