Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost Photos

I have an SD card in my camera and pictures get stored there. It's easy to take the card out and put it in my computer to retrieve images. Every so often, I forget to put the SD card back into the camera and a picture or two gets taken and stored in the camera's memory. I didn't know where the cord was for the camera, so I just forgot about the pictures.

I came across the cord today and was able to retrieve some photos that were stuck in the internal memory.

Here's Emily's first day of Kindergarten with me. Her real first day, I was in the hospital in Phoenix in a drug induced stupor to avoid having seizures. There was so much going on that week with having Noah 9 weeks early and being very sick myself. I remember being so incredibly sad that I missed this special day for her. I would cry whenever a nurse asked about my kids at home. I so wanted to be there to fix her hair, pick out a dress and pack her lunch. Her Dad was with her and for that I'm grateful, but I still wanted it to be me. When I came home, I got to have my moment. It wasn't her first day, but it was her first day with me.

Here's Ben saying hi to Noah. I wonder what Noah thought of his brother, the superhero. I can't believe how small Noah was. He was 4 1/2 pounds when we brought him home, so that's how much he weighed in this picture.

Here's Noah trying a candy cane. I think he liked it.

I'm so glad I retrieved these pictures off the camera.
Special memories don't belong stuck on an internal hard drive.

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Linda said...

Those pictures are cute! And I so agree.

There have been a few times over the years that for whatever reason, a photo card or disc became corruptive and it's very upsetting when it seems that the photos are lost or deleted. Yet, that's one of the wonderful things about computers - nothing is ever really deleted... There are some wonderful photo recovery programs out there, and Jim used those on those occurrences to retrieve the photos that I thought were lost forever.