Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Boys

It still hits me sometimes...I have in plural.

Ben is an absolute riot. He goes to sleep every night with a collection of superheros. I think he thinks they will protect him. He's our champion sleeper at night, so whatever works.

When we got the Justice League movies that I won on ebay, one of them came with an insert showing several superheros on it. We could buy one for $2.00 off, but the coupon expired sometime last decade. Ben thought the insert was part of the gift. He was thrilled just to stare at the pictures.

He took it one step further and decided to add the piece of paper into his collection of superheros at bedtime. In this shirt, he calls him self the "Wafessional Superman" or the Professional Superman.

Two days into his antibiotic and Noah is feeling a lot better. I couldn't help but snap a few photos before he had two baths last night. Two because the second David came walking out of the nursery with a clean baby in clean pajamas, Noah puked all over the place.

He has seriously filled out. This is him at a whopping 4 pounds. That's a preemie diaper and it's swimming on him.

Some days I don't know how I do it, but at least my boys keep me entertained.


Matthew said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Noah is looking so much like Ben! They are so cute!!!! I loved getting a second to jump on and see these pics. Off to look back at your blog! Love, Lindsay

Linda said...

They are so cute indeed! :) Yes, Noah has really filled out - he looks great! And Ben is just so adorable with all of those superheroes! :D

Raising boys is something none of my sisters and I know anything about.... Sarah is hoping that she will have boys. Maybe it will do that, since girls have reigned for so long in our family.

jannes hobbyrom said...

love ur blog.... and ur boys are soo cute