Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...Wait, It's Snowing.

After a rough night with Noah, I woke up this morning very tired. I was already feeling overwhelmed knowing I was going to need to take him to the Doctor. They always have a hard time fitting him in the same day, and every visit there is a minimum of 2 hours. Being in that office containing Ben and holding a cranky baby is never my idea of a good time.

And it was raining.

Being from Phoenix where weather doesn't change much, I usually enjoy a rainy day. But, it was just going to be another hassle for me today. Then, I looked out the window and saw flakes.


Snow makes me happy. Maybe it won't be a bad day.
Then, I called the doctor and they were able to get me in at 10:00. Then, I called my husband and he said he would meet me there and take Noah to the appointment, and I could take Ben to the library. God, I love that man.

In addition to those bottom teeth breaking through...

Noah also has another mild ear infection.

This makes his third antibiotic for ear infections in 3 months. We are doing everything we can short of locking him up to prevent him from getting sick. We never know if Emily is sick until she shows symptoms and by then, it's too late, little man is infected. Two more months of sick season and hopefully we will have a healthy spring and summer. Oh and David was out of the doctors office in an hour!

The snow picked up a little and everything looks so pretty.

Today is turning out to be better than expected.

I also can't help but mention something. A few weeks ago, I wrote about look alike celebrities and siblings. I've always thought that I've never looked like anybody.

However, I watched the Olympics the other day and I have to say that I think I might have a twin and we were separated at birth.
Yes, he's a boy, but I think I look more like him than Reba McEntire. At least the hair is pretty darn close. Maybe we are twins separated at birth. Unfortunately for me, he got the better bone structure and apparently all the talent.

If you haven't watched Shaun White snowboard, you are missing out. You can watch a sample here.
My stomach gets butterflies just watching him.

And Shaun, if you want to invite your long lost sister to the closing ceremonies, I'm totally available. But, only if I can wear your gold medal.

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Linda said...

You are just soooo funny! :D I'm sitting here cracking up, calling to Sarah in the other room who is ignoring me as I say "She is just soooo funny!!" (You and Shaun White do have the same great hair, lol)

Not funny that Noah is sick (Wow - he has your same beautiful eyes!) and I feel bad for you, as I so remember those doctor visits, the waiting, and that was only with Sarah. I can only imagine how difficult it would be having to bring another little one with you and that was so nice of David!! :)

I'm glad you got the snow - you know I love it, but only for a time.... coming up next week on our 5th month of winter weather and that's just WAY too much for me. If I wanted THAT much winter, well, you know - I'd live in "that northern neighboring country"... although hey - they've seemed to have had better weather than us this year.

I'm just longing for spring and WARMTH. It's been cloudy and dreary here every day except maybe one day last week. I'm going to have to buy one of those light boxes as it's making me a GRUMP.

Hope the antibiotics work quickly and that this is IT for sick season. ♥