Friday, February 5, 2010


Ever since I did this blog post about Quinn Fabray's side braid on Glee, my blog readers have gone from 20 a day to 80. It seems everyone is looking to find out how to copy her hairstyle. Imagine their disappointment when they find my blog.

Quinn has now taken over as the single most googled topic that pulls up my blog. Prior to that post, it was how to skin a rabbit and most of those searchers were from Australia. Do they really skin and eat rabbits down under?

Anyway, I was blog hopping today. The laundry is caught up, the dishes are put away and we are going to Costco to have pizza for dinner (can it get more exciting on a Friday night?), so I have some spare time. I came across the most fabulous blog on how to braid hair. Check it out here.

So for the 60 plus people a day who google "Quinn Fabray Glee side braid", please head to this ladies blog and learn a few things. She is amazing and even has video demo's.

I can't wait to try some new styles on Emily now that her hair is finally long enough.

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Linda said...

Cute, though this short-haired girlie will have to pass up braids. The longest my hair ever grew was shoulder length as a child and then it stops.

It's funny given the popularity of Glee, and yet Sarah and none of her friends do braids. In fact, knowing her she would give me an odd look if I even dare suggested it. They are all into their hair-straightened, side bang styles.

I think the look is cute though.