Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Is Not Our Month

When we lived in Phoenix and Emily was not in any form of school, we rarely got sick. I think she was past a year before she even had a sniffle. Then, we moved up here and Emily started school and the winters are a nightmare with back to back illnesses, historically (meaning the last two years) February is by far the worst.

There was the February of 2008 where I got a cold followed by a severe sinus infection. The side effect was that I constantly smelled smoke. I'd wake up in the middle of the night with an evacuation plan because I was convinced a wildfire was quickly approaching. Apparently, you can get so infected up there that you can have phantom smells. Some people smell chocolate. I smelled an ash tray. Then, came the lingering cough that would keep me up all hours of the night and I'd cough so hard I'd vomit. That was fun. A trip to the ear, nose and throat doctor and an antibiotic did the trick.

The February of 2009 the same thing happened, but instead of smelling smoke, I couldn't smell or taste anything. I learned the meaning of living to eat because eating is nothing but a chore when you can't taste anything. The good part was experiencing Biggest Loser type of weight loss in a week. But, I'd rather be 10 pounds heavier and get to taste my food. Luckily, the same ear, nose and throat doctor gave me a prescription.

I know he is expecting a visit from me any day now.

And I'm seriously hoping that I disappoint him.

However, it looks like we are not out of the woods. Emily came down with a fever, cold and cough last week. She got better in 4 days. Ben came down with a fever, cold and cough last night. Noah came down with the cold and cough today. Praying the fever escapes him and that he doesn't develop another round of double ear infections. He's had two already.

We've starting in with breathing treatments and I'm pretty much going to be stuck at home for the better part of a week until everyone gets better. Hopefully, then it won't be my turn to get sick.

In the meantime, if anybody has some time on there hands, come up with a patent on a dog collar that has some pliability to it. Rocko is supposed to wear his for 14 days.

After 7, it looked pretty ghetto with duct tape over all the cracks.

I got a new one at the vet yesterday. She suggested I use surgical tape to close up the opening where the collar meets. So, I taped it really good. This is what it looked like this morning.

Our cat Max has gone missing. He does this every year, around February, at the first sign of warmer weather. He gets cabin fever being all couped up and then he wants to roam. He comes home after about 2 weeks, hungry, tired, skinny and dirty. He is truly the worst cat in the world. Completely anti-social, bites if you pet him and meows at all hours of the night if he's left inside. But, we love him and hope he comes home soon. He's been gone since Sunday.

The fun never ends...

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Linda said...

I'm so sorry you're having a horrible month! :( Thankfully we've never really experienced the constant illness thing, because it's entirely different with one kid. Though everyone has their things and her severe allergies since birth were no picnic. But still.... it must be horrible when things get passed around throughout the family and I feel bad for you.

I'm praying better days are ahead for you and that your cat comes home as well.

It's interesting that you mention the phantom smell of smoke, because I've experienced that. I never go to the doctor for my sinus issues, because the MRI last year just showed chronic sinus disease, of which there is no cure. But I have to wonder how many times it's infected (the Neti-pot helps - thanks to you!!), because I too have often thought I have smelled smoke - I even get up and walk around the house to check. Weird. :)