Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wondering what was on the agenda for the week, I flipped the calendar to March today. I was greeted by a picture of a mountainside full of yellow poppies with purple lupine springing up in between.

This is an Arizona Highways calendar and the picture was taken somewhere East of Phoenix. Which makes sense because this morning, we were greeted with snow.

This picture isn't the greatest as I took it from inside through the window. The best pictures are when the kids don't know that I'm taking a picture.

There was not a lot of snow, but enough to make me long for warmer temperatures. Spring Break is 2 weeks away, and Emily still has to wear her ski jacket and mittens to school. We had our first snow flurries before Halloween.

I'm ready to March on to Spring.

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Linda said...

You and me BOTH!!!!!! Funny, I just wrote and posted a post about March. I'm really longing for warmth and Spring. It's pretty bad when "upper 30's" is a heat wave here, but Sarah came in with Jim this afternoon after dropping off Ashlee, and told me that "It's sooooo warm out there!!". I looked outside and that's when I noticed how sunny it was and that most of the snow is finally gone now.

Hope things warm up now for you and me both. :)