Thursday, February 11, 2010

Call Me Batman

I'm wondering if Ben's obsession with Superheros has gone too far.

We went to a Valentine's party at a friends home after school yesterday. She has a two story house. She has stairs. I can't remember the last time we were at someones house with stairs. I was chatting with the Mom's in the kitchen and heard what could have been an elephant above us. I went to have a look. And there Ben is in his Superman shirt and cape flying from the top of the stairs to the platform in the middle. It was about 5 or 6 stairs and he made it all the way. The elephant was my son. He was about to fly down the second half of the stairs, which has double the steps, when I stopped him.

Me: "Ben what are you doing?"
Ben: "I'm trying to fly!"

Thank God we don't have stairs. Or bunk beds!

On our way out of our housing development, there is lots of undeveloped land. Every so often, about 30 cows will appear on the land to graze. Then one day, the cows disappear. Then I eat a cheeseburger and think about those cows that I drove by every day for the past three months. I feel a little sad. But, not sad enough to put down the cheeseburger.

A month ago, some horses appeared on the land (thanks for the photo Krista). I'm not sure of their purpose on the land other than to eat. I'm hoping they don't turn into glue one day. I enjoy looking at them when we go somewhere.

Me: "Look at the horses Ben." (They were right at the fence line)
Ben: "Don't call me Ben. Call me Batman."
Me: "Um, okay."
Ben: "Like you can say...Look at the horses Batman."
I'm so glad he used it in a sentence for me or I would not have understood.

Ben: "Now say it again, but call me Batman."
Me: "Okay. Look at the horses Batman."
Ben: "Very cool."

I'm not sure if he thought me calling him Batman was cool or the horses. At this point, they were 1/4 mile behind us, so I think it may have been Batman.

He does this often. Creates a script in his head or a dramatic scene and he needs us to act it out precisely. When I'm the dragon and he slays me, if I don't die correctly he will tell me how I'm supposed to fall.

Instead of being a superhero when he grows up, maybe he'll be a movie director.

A mother can only hope.


Linda said...

This is hysterical!! :D Thanks for the afternoon laugh at the office, lol.

I think it just shows Ben's GREAT creativity and in my book, creativity is always #1. Remember I described how Sarah would act out various scenes out on her swingset? She always has done that, just like Ben (minus the Batman costume), and if the truth be known - she is STILL doing that today in her room because every evening - all we hear is her music begin, followed by boom/crash/boom (that's her dancing around), laughing and singing (and sometimes even giggling/talking like she has a crowd in there). I used to do the same thing - and honestly I still do that in my head, when I daydream or just want to escape reality.

... anyway, you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha! Both Enrique and I are cracking up at the thought of Ben directing his own script. He is too cute.
Thanks for sharing some of those cute imagining of his. One day he will read all this and chuckle. ☼