Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our House

It's always exciting at our house in the evenings.

Ben got a much needed haircut. You can tell he is really excited about it.

David took Noah for a walk. Noah thought it was exciting.

Rocko slept on our sofa. We don't usually allow this, but after getting his manhood chopped off I figure I could afford him that luxury.

The vet found the missing nut in his abdomen, so it cost $300. He had to get cut open in two different spots and is on antibiotics and anti-inflamitorys for the next week. Poor guy. It was necessary though. Dogs with a floating ball have an added risk of developing cancer at a very young age. Who knew? We are losing a dog a year right now. Don't want to go through that again for awhile.

Never a dull moment.


Linda said...

I love reading about your house :)
Poor Rocko - that picture made me sad - but hopefully it's money well spent with a much calmer demeanor.

It's Snowday #2 here, though the sun is brightly shining. Strong winds have resulted in major drifting and when you live in the country, with roads just out there in the open and nothing to block them, that means dangerous driving conditions. I'm staying put.

Anonymous said...

What a busy household you have.☺ Never a dull moment. Noah certainly looked happy to be going for a walk. He was probably happy that he was escaping the haircutting experience. Although, I think he will not have to worry for awhile yet. Poor Rocko. I hope he will be recovered soon. I know you won't like him up on the sofa for very long. Habits develop so quickly with our pets.
I'm sure the snow you mentioned today will provide some more excitement today. ☼