Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shower For One

Emily and Ben have been showering together for over three years. We figured it killed two birds with one stone. We've talked about how long they will bathe together. We figured Emily would let us know when she felt old enough to not be taking a bath with her little brother.

As it turns out Ben was the one who let us know.

Usually the bath is pretty uneventful. There is an occasional squabble over a toy. Every night though there is the typical argument over who gets to get out first, leaving the other to put all the toys back in the net. The other night things got plain dangerous when Emily started crying. I ran in to see what the problem was and she said Ben tried to drown her. Now, I doubt it was that severe. Apparently it was more of a push than an actual holding her under the water. When I asked Ben why he did it, he said she was bothering him.

So, David and I talked about it and decided it was time.

Emily took her first solo shower tonight. She asked for toys. I had to tell her that the shower is for serious bathers and toys are not allowed. I went over the shampoo, conditioner and loofah rituals, adjusted the water temperature to her liking and she was on her own.

Then it was time for Ben to take a bath all by himself.

Emily sat on the side of the tub watching him and playing with toys.

Old habits are hard to break.

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Linda said...

Another cute story :)

Hope you have a great new week,