Saturday, February 6, 2010

Learning Something New

Ben is totally into superheros. No surprise there. But, he's never even seen one of the movies because I think they are too violent. I've tried to tape some of the cartoons on TV, but he gets scared quickly and we turn it off. For a kid with an over active imagination who already wakes up with nightmares once a week, I'm not going to have him watch anything that will scare him more.

We were at the library last week and we had already picked out 30 books. I let the kids look at the DVD's. The max they can check out is 7. So, I got a baby Einstein for Noah and the kids were allowed to pic out 3 each. Ben immediately had to get Justice League that features all of the superheros in one movie. Imagine his delight.

He was a little scared by a few of the characters, but he was more in awe than anything. He was so excited he yelled, "Mom, Mom, Superman is real!" He had never seen them come to life before. Wait until he watches the non-animated movies when he gets older.

He is now obsessed with watching this movie. And after being with my husband for 7 years, I found out something new about him. He loves the Justice League as well. He's just as fixated as Ben.

This week we learned that Superman is real and that my husband secretly loves superhero's too.

I should change my blog to Live. Laugh. Love. Learn.

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Linda said...

That's good that you're still learning new things about each other, lol. :) Also interesting that we've also been married the same amount of time as you - 7 years, actually at 7 1/2 right now for us.

Glad Ben & David enjoy the super heroes movie. :)