Thursday, February 25, 2010

Superhero Quotes

The other day I asked Ben for help with something and this is what he told me.

I was confused at first, but he told me that's what Batman says.
Translation: I may not be a people person, but if you need help, and you will, call me.

And anytime we talk about being responsible, he gives us this line from Spiderman.

I think he may win an Oscar one day.
But if he stands any chance against Anthony Hopkins, he probably shouldn't end the line by picking his nose.


amyraye said...

totally funny.

Linda said...


Ben is great!!!

pam said...

Cute, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love to see Ben in action. He is too cute. I hope he will recite some of his words to live by when I get out there. I am getting so anxious to see everyone again. Noah looking so big and robust although I know he is still tiny, He will certainly be more of an armful than when I was there at Thanksgiving. I'll get to see Emily with her long straight hair and Ben with his heroic efforts all day long. I can hardly wait. BTW I didn't get a chance earlier this week to let you know I got your email with the clothing selected and Wow! you did a great job. I immediately ordered my blue top. I can hardly wait to see all the fun we'll have with the two little ones and the 3 big kids. Imagine being called big at 14 months, but that's how she'll seem compared to the two little guys.
As always enjoying your posts. ☼