Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back To The Pool

Summer is officially here and we made our first trip back to the community pool. The last time I was at this pool was the night before I was air e-vac'd to Phoenix. Noah was still in my tummy at that time. Now, he is 10 months old. Crazy.

We thought the water would be too cold, but with near record breaking temperatures this past weekend, it felt great.

I was trying to get a picture of Noah's first trip to the pool.

Can you tell they are father and son? Both with their eyes closed.

Then, they turned on me at the last second.


Noah did really well and hung out in the pool the entire time. Didn't complain once. He really is a trooper.

I wasn't sure how Emily would do this year with swimming. By the end of last season, she could swim the length of the pool. I thought she might want her floaties. But, Emily's bestie Ellie was there and she didn't have floaties on. Turns out they are about at the same spot with swimming. Emily jumped right in and started diving for rings in the shallow end. I love her adventurous spirit. She'll be swimming the length of the pool again in no time.

So, I thought I'd play photographer and get a picture of the girls jumping in the pool.

Not so good. Emily hasn't left the ground yet.

Not so good. Ellie hasn't left the ground yet.

Finally...and I chop off their heads.

I'm blaming the camera being slow, not operator error.

I just realized I didn't get any pictures of Ben. He was hanging out in the hot tub, practicing for his role on The Bachelor season 37.

Almost every night after dinner, we do something as a family. It all depends on the weather. If it's a little windy, we'll go for a walk. If the wind is calm, we'll do a bike ride. If it's freezing out, we bundle the kids in the bike stroller and go for a walk to look at Christmas lights. In the summer, we go to the pool. And when the Hoppers come back, I stay inside and hide.

So, I'm going to enjoy the pool for as long as I can before I go into hibernation.

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Linda said...

Oh my gosh, too funny. I laughed out loud at your Ben, hot-tub, comment. :D