Monday, June 7, 2010

Around Our House

Aunt Pam came up to spend the night with us on Saturday. She always brings a present for the kids with goodies for the upcoming holiday. They each got a shirt for the Fourth of July and several books. She is a major contributor to our almost 400 book library.

She also brought Emily a huge cookie for graduation. It said "great job", but Emily took a finger to job.

Ben thought she looked like The Joker here. He can turn anything into a superhero reference.

And while Pam and I went to lunch and a movie, David finally did it. He went somewhere (besides a walk) with all three kids by himself. It was to Sam's Club. Which is a very good spot for a first outing. Ours is never very crowded and all three kids can fit in the shopping cart. Good job babe. He went to get us a lap top. With 2 vacations coming up this year, we felt it was time. Emily thinks it is hers and she can already maneuver around it quicker than I can.

Emily has been asking us to practice with her to ride her bike without training wheels. It's never high on our list, but now that both of her good friends can do it she is chomping at the bit. So, we went out for a little while to try. She does okay until she realizes that David let go and then she freaks out.

David and her practiced last night too and it ended with a little fall. But, she was going about 20 feet on her own. She'll get it soon enough.

Today starts a new week and another vacation bible school for the kids. They are free and the kids think they are fun and they learn about God. Win/win/win. After this week, we have nothing else planned for the entire summer. God help me.

I am beginning to wonder if I might be overdoing it with 2 back to back bible schools. We were reviewing some letters last week and practicing letter sounds. I asked the kids what starts with the letter A. They threw out a few obvious choices. Then, it went like this:
Me: What about a man that goes way up in the sky?
Ben: God!
Emily: Lord!
Ben: Jesus!
Emily: An angel!
Well, angel does start with A, but I was thinking of an astronaut.
After two weeks of vacation bible school, the kids will need to round themselves out by watching the Discovery Channel for a week. Although, I'm proud of them that those were the first things that came to their minds.

And this little man is back to his old antics of waking up several times a night. And I'm afraid our sofa is going to be in pieces for awhile. He can't learn to pull himself up because we have nothing for him to pull up onto. He can't grab onto the sofa and we don't own a little table sturdy enough. If he trys it on the kids Ikea table, he will take a tumble. So, I've decided to do away with part of the cushion on the sofa for a little while. Who needs cushions anyway?

The kids are at bible school and Noah is asleep. And I'm going to get a refill on my coffee and read an US Weekly that Pam left for us.

Or maybe, I should call me husband at work and encourage him to take an early lunch break and come home. Now, that would be way more fun than a cup of coffee and a magazine.


Zanopia said...

So Nice :)

Linda said...

Whew! Busy, fun times! :) Here it's very quiet now and we're into the summer slow down. Of course, though, we are hosting a party for almost 30 at our house on Saturday, so that's not too quiet. But in between, there's relaxing and I love not having to nag about homework or bedtime. :)

Glad you're having a fun summer thus far - all of the photos were cute as always, and isn't that just like a kid, figuring out a computer well before us?! ;) Smart cookie, that Emily.

pam said...

Had a great visit with you and the fam - always too short! Thanks again for your lovely hospitality! Love to all!