Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do You Hear That?

Yeah, me neither!

It's called silence.

The kids started vacation bible school today. It's a week long from 9-11 and it's with Emily's old preschool teacher/Ben's soon to be preschool teacher.

Ben has never been to any sort of school environment like this. I've left him with a babysitter, as in my Mom or Dad or our friends who we are date swapping with. I've left him at the Kids Korner at Fry's while I shop, but if I'm shopping for more than 45 minutes, I'll hear "Gina to the kids korner" on the intercom. And I know that Ben has had enough time without me. He just started letting me leave him a year ago. So, this is a big deal.

The original carpool plan was my friend would take in the morning and I would pick up, but her little girl got sick. So, I'm doing both legs today. Probably a good thing, so I could make sure Ben was situated and fine.

Here are the kids all ready to go sing "Jesus loves me".

This is Ben's friend Caleb, who is also doing this whole school thing for the first time. They will be in preschool together in the fall.

I could tell they were both a little nervous, but at least they had each other.

So, here I am home with just the baby for an hour. He's quietly playing on the floor beside me. The house is oddly silent. It's weird, but nice.

And I can't talk about silence without mentioning the fact that our monitors never blared with a baby cry all night. I would say this is his first official day of sleeping completely through the night. He's done it a few other times, but we'd have to go in once to reposition him in the middle of the night. Last night, he was silent from 8:30-6:10.

Silence...it's a beautiful thing.


Linda said...

Hooray for silence!! Hooray for you!! :)

Vacation Bible School - I have such WONDERFUL memories of my own single experience with this as a child and also of Sarah attending. It's a lot of fun and I'm sure they're going to like it. Good for you on sending them!! ♥

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for Ben that he had his big sister along for his first real adventure in going to a class of sorts. His little friend there wouldn't hurt either. I am waiting to hear how he did for that 2 hours without his mother. I suspect he will do just great. I hope you didn't get a call saying "Gina, you need to come and pick up Ben immediately" LOL just kidding. The biggest problem will be Noah , who has never had the experience of life without a big sibling. No wonder he was so quiet this morning, he probably thought he was in another land... ☼